Decompress RAR Files Easily On Mac Using RAR Expander For Free

RAR is one of the most popular formats used to compress files and to be an improved alternative to the ZIP format. This file has become popu...


RAR is one of the most popular formats used to compress files and to be an improved alternative to the ZIP format. This file has become popular because it offers more advanced options, such as the possibility of compressing very large files, compressing a file into several pieces to facilitate the sending, among other options. On the Mac, there are several alternatives to unpack RAR, RAR Expander is one of them. This program is extremely lightweight and easy to use to unpack RAR format files in seconds, using the free library UnRAR. It is capable of extracting any file that has been compressed in RAR format, as well as compressed files into several parts. (Technoirati Claim Token: YBYCX8ZEC6VP)


Before you begin using the program, it is recommended to open the preference pane to configure some features of the program. It does not take long and is very useful. Open the settings window Menu RAR Expander on top of the screen by clicking Preferences. The first configuration option is to choose the Destination Folder in which place on your computer the decompressed file will be saved. You can select Ask to ask for the program each time the operation is performed, Same as archive to use the same folder where the file is located or Fixed to choose a fixed folder that will be used increasingly a file is decompressed.


In Create Surrounding Folder in Destination, you can choose whether the program creates a folder inside the destination folder where unzipped. This is very useful if the RAR file contains several other folders, not to let them loose and disorganized in the destination folder. Selecting Always, the program creates the folder every time. If's archive’s root folder contains more than the option is perhaps most useful of all, with it, the program creates the folder only if the file within the RAR files have a number equal to or greater than the number chosen. Finally, Never is the option to not create a folder on the destination.

The other options in the Preferences pane is make sure whether the program beeps when the file is decompressed and the application will automatically look for updates or not.


RAR Expander does not have a different windows, everything is done through the menu at the top of the screen. Click File and then click Expand. A window opens that allows you to choose a file anywhere on your computer. Select the desired file and open it. There, the program creates the unzipped file according to settings made previously.

Unfortunately, being a completely free and open source you can not compress files with RAR Expander. It only allow to decompress RAR files. RAR Expander works on Mac OS X.

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