Listen Inputted Text In Different Voice & Export Recording As Audio File Via SpeakLine For Free [Mac]

SpeakLine is a language tool for Mac that uses the voice assist function of Mac OS X to read the texts chosen by the user. You can store mu...

Listen-Inputted-Text-In-Different-Voice-&-Export-Recording-As-Audio-File-Via-SpeakLine-[Mac]-SpeakLine is a language tool for Mac that uses the voice assist function of Mac OS X to read the texts chosen by the user. You can store multiple documents in the application memory and listen to them on different voices (both male and female) and even with musical instruments effect. At first the SpeakLine may seem redundant as there’s an awesome VoiceOver feature in Mac OS X, but the programs have two major differences with it whose make this worth of trying. The first is designed to read a specific text, determined by the user and the second is a tool to assist the visually impaired, including even the web pages and system menus. More to read.

With an increased focus on casual use, the SpeakLine is a simple and fun application to use. It provides a quick and efficient way to read a piece of text. Moreover, the program use the same repertoire of voices of Mac OS X that provides many options for the user. Another strong point of SpeakLine is the feature of saving the reading of the text in an audio file that can be very convenient for research or entertainment


When starting the program, the user can view an introductory text. SpeakLine’s User Interface is a handy two portion window. The left panel allows user to input text and start/stop reading. And the right panel stores all available voice. At the bottom of the window the button Start Reading allows to immediately start reading the text entered in the Type your text here box and Stop Reading simply just stops reading the text. In addition, the list of texts saved in the application can be accessed by clicking on Show Saved Texts. To create a new text, simply click the New button.SpeakLine is able to save the readings in an audio file like AIFF. Simply access the Export from the menu bar and choose the available option. The application will export the text as audio file that is currently loaded.


SpeakLine settings can be accessed by both the menu bar on the gear icon in the upper right of the main program window. The user can determine the speed of reading the text from Speaking rate which is measured in words per minute scale and the volume of the voice from Volume.

SpeakLine is a brilliant free language tool for Mac. It works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later and available for free on Mac App Store.

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