Opera Internet Browser Updated With Improved Browser Engine & New Look On Opera Mail [Featured]

The final version of Opera 11.61 was released by the developer company, bringing many improvements to the end user. Better stability and com...

Opera-Internet-Browser-Updated-With-Improved-Browser-Engine-&-New-Look-On-Opera-Mail-[Featured]The final version of Opera 11.61 was released by the developer company, bringing many improvements to the end user. Better stability and compatibility with more features than HTML5 and CSS3 are some progress made since the launch of the beta phase browser. This new version is extremely stable and much faster in the process of installation and loading of pages. New features and improvements included in the browser makes it much more competitive as well as better then some others. The addition of features of HTML5, CSS3 and CSS4 greatly improves the display of the content present in multiple sites. The new look of Opera Mail is much more practical, since browse and view the message was much simpler. The functionality of grouping emails helps keep everything more organized, which means you spend less time finding what you want. Check out some of amazing Opera features on this latest version.


If you usually see your email frequently and adopts Opera as default browser, using the built-in email client can then be a good idea, especially now that the whole look has been updated, displaying lists of unread messages to the left of the screen and content of the email itself to the right. Another cool new feature of Opera Mail is it groups messages by date automatically. You can also configure the browser to separate the emails as Read and Unread or simply list the items, not categorize anything. To make it easier to find an important email among the hundreds of messages stored in inbox, you can use the feature Pin. This can be done with just one mouse click.

Opera has Opera Presto 2.10, a browser engine that allows only certain parts of a page is reloaded without affecting the rest of the content display. The menu putted in the address bar makes it much easier while bookmarking a site. Also creating an entry to the Speed ​​Dial is very fast, allowing you to add any quick access portal to the browser with just one click.


Opera introduced bookmark and browser settings sync long time ago. However, now it is also able to import the content relating to its saved passwords. That is, you can access them on other computers, but relying on the security offered by the Opera Link. However, please note that, to ensure that your data will not be opened by unwanted people, you should always keep the Opera Link with a strong password. Thus, it will provide the convenience of synchronizing your data, but only at your fingertips.


Opera can detect if any of these plugins in the browser is getting issue and tries to resolve them. Also, it helps you through the installation process, which occurs in only a few clicks and without the need to restart the browser, as usually happens with browsers.

The latest updates of the Opera are very efficient compared to support for new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and CSS4. If you depend on the operator, such standards will not be problem. The main improvement is in the loading of videos that make use of these new features now include counting buffer and preload best.


Instead of add-ons (like Firefox), Opera has a number of widgets, ranging from clients to social networks (Twitter for example) to play games and utilities to download videos. They operate as a separate application within the browser. To accompany your browser, several widgets have been updated and improved, bringing new features and interface that best match with Opera. The applets continue to run outside and independently of the browser.


After all Opera is the most popular mobile internet browser in the market and now they are trying to hold a strong position on the desktop market too. The latest version of Opera certainly offers lots of brilliant feature which can beat any browser available.

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