Periodically Change Mac’s Desktop Image With iPhoto Integration, Various Effects & More [Mac]

Change Desktop is an application that allows you to change the wallpaper on your desktop of Mac after a fixed time. Although this is a nati...

Periodically-Change-Mac’s-Desktop-Image-With-iPhoto-Integration,-Various-Effects-&-More-[Mac]-1Change Desktop is an application that allows you to change the wallpaper on your desktop of Mac after a fixed time. Although this is a native function of the system, this application provides some advanced options that deserve attention. The main difference of this program with the similar function of Mac OS X is by using the Change Desktop you can select and use any selection of image on the desktop, even if they are in the different folder or iPhoto event. With this tool that is not possible, you must choose only one folder and use all the images from that directory. More to read

Using the Change Desktop, you can place a transition effect to move from one photo to another, like a normal fade, flash, sidebars and many others. There are 13 effects and an option Random to randomly choose a file each time the image is changed. It is also possible to always show the name and image in a translucent mode.


To create a list of images just go to the preferences window, create a new Collection, adds files or folders of your choice. You can create several of these collections with different pictures and use them according to your mood. Any PNG, JPG or GIF format can be used on the desktop with the Change Desktop application.


  • Choose from more than ten effects to use when transitioning to a new image.
  • Native Spaces support: Display a separate image for each Space.
  • Changes your Desktop at a specified interval randomly or in alphabetic sequence.
  • Integrated support for iPhoto, Aperture and an unlimited number of standalone images or folders.
  • Automatically coalesces images from any supported source, including other Change Desktop image collections.
  • Additions and removals to folders, iPhoto, and Aperture are noticed automatically and made available immediately.
  • Smart Fit image placement that chooses the best position for each image and each display.
  • Smart background color that analyzes each image to find a complementary color.
  • Option to change image when displays wake from sleep.
  • Hot Key support so you can change your Desktop from any application.
  • Independent settings for all displays.

Change Desktop is free of charge and works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Download Change Desktop

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