Add/Remove Or Delay Startup Items To Boot Your Windows Faster Via Startup Master

Startup Master is an amazing tool that allows you to manage and customize boot items of your computer. With it, you can view all items that ...

AddRemove-Or-Delay-Startup-Items-To-Boot-Your-Windows-Faster-Via-Startup-MasterStartup Master is an amazing tool that allows you to manage and customize boot items of your computer. With it, you can view all items that are starting along with Windows in a GUI interface and be able to choose whether you want them to continue start on boot or stop them or even delay their service. Startup Master is designed to help you easily understand necessary steps to optimize the minimum boot time of your system, prioritizing the types of applications you use most often. The program interface is well arranged which helps a lot to use, even for those who do not have much experience with this type of application. Furthermore, all functions are arranged in the form of buttons, located on the toolbar of the program. So, everything is much easier to find at the time of use. Although you will not be needed to change anything while using the program, the application provides some extra configuration for those who wants more flexibility over usage.


As a system utility tool, Startup Master performs minor system changes and registry edit. Anyway, to avoid headaches and disorders happened by accident while using this tool, it is always recommended to create a restore point before you start making changes with this type of program. Now download the installer package and install it to get started. It will force to install Smart PC Utilities while installation, you can choose not to install them though.


Not all of the programs offer the ability to control whether or not they should be initialized along with the operating system. Also, changing settings requires you to modify records in Windows which can also be a complex task, especially for those who have more knowledge on the subject. Startup Master is a real simple application to help you manage which applications should be started with Windows. It features a friendly graphical user interface displaying all programs in a list categorized and sortable via Name, Target, Category, Status, Type and Trust level.


Using this tool to manager startup program is real easy. First find out the target startup item you want to edit and then right click on that item. You will see all necessary functions on the Context Menu. You will be able to disable it on boot, edit it’s value, delay the time of execution and many other things from here.


Rather then editing only current boot items, you can also add new items on boot using this tool. To do so, click on the Add button from the toolbar and then input necessary details and then click OK.


You can edit name, path or behavior of any existing items simply by clicking on Edit from the corresponding context menu. You can also change it’s category which includes Startup Folder: Current User, Startup Folder: All Users, Startup Folder: Current User [Delayed], Startup Folder: All Users [Delayed], Registry: Current User [Run], Registry: Current User [RunOnce], Registry: Current User [Delayed Startup], Registry: All Users [Run], Registry: All Users [RunOnce] and Registry: All Users [Delayed Startup].


You can change default internet search engine and also change initial delay time before launching startup programs as well as specify waiting time between two programs to launch from the Settings of top bar.

The constant use of the computer begins to leave the boot slower over time specially if you install and uninstall lots of tool regularly. Some of the major culprits for this problem are the applications that are started along with the operating system (Startup Items). You can speed up your boot time and make a healthier boot by controlling them. Startup Booster can be a free tool that let you do so. Startup Booster works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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