Apply Drawing Or Retro Sketch Effect Of Various Styles Easily With FotoSketcher For Windows

Two days ago, we shared a beautiful and easy photo editor named SharpShot . It was a complete photo editor. But if you want to have a artist...

Apply-Drawing-Or-Retro-Sketch-Effect-Of-Various-Styles-Easily-With-FotoSketcher-For-WindowsTwo days ago, we shared a beautiful and easy photo editor named SharpShot. It was a complete photo editor. But if you want to have a artistic or retro like sketch effect on your image, today we are bringing a new application called FotoSketcher for you. FotoSketcher is an excellent application works on Windows for those who like to play and manipulate images. The main goal of this application is turning photos into drawings and it does this options amazingly and extremely easily. All you need to do is to select one of the pre-added effect and apply it. To make it even more easy, effects apply process is fully automatic, the program takes care to apply it for you. More to read.


FotoSketcher image editor is a simple and very easy to use application. That's because it has an interactive and user friendly interface and ensures that anyone can transform ordinary photos into illustrations of good quality. Also, you will have the ability to define the parameters, that means you can also create new effect instantly. Besides the interface, the toolbar at the top of this application window helps a lot in time to access the useful features at one click and customize your photos. Likewise, the screen of FotoSketcher is very visual and intuitive, because the tools provided by the application are within reach of the mouse and the person need not be looking for what you want.


Although not a full editor, FotoSketcher meets the needs of those who only need to modify some images by applying different effect and turn them into artistic or funny images. It is one of the best solutions for those who want to apply photo effects. An interesting feature of FotoSketcher is that you can customize many aspects of transformation as the power stroke and the create black and white or color retro image. Moreover, the application has simple editing tools to crop, resize and rotate the figure. One of the most eye-catching in FotoSketcher is its interface. The developer has opted for a program with a visually organized, with the arrangement of features in the form of buttons. Thus, even with menu options as the main tools are presented as a taskbar which makes the application yet more easier.


The main function (and without doubt the most interesting) application is the ability to add effects to your photos. The idea came from making the image looks like a ​​drawing done by hand and allow to give a different touch and great taste to any image. Among the styles available are Pencil Sketch Effects, Pen And Ink Sketch Effects, Painting Effects, Stylized Effects, Miscellaneous Effects and No Effects. Each of those categories contains some effects of it’s own style. In addition to applying the effect, you can set the strength of the elements that compose it, as the style of the layout, borders, colors etc.. You can also choose to make the effect stronger or lighter, as you like it to be.


To get started with FotoSketcher, open an image by clicking Open Icon from the toolbar or simply by dragging the image into the window. Then apply an effect from the Drawing Parameters icon, change the default values if you want and then add a texture or text or border (optional and then click on Draw. The effect will be added automatically. Now give your image the final touch, just resize, crop or rotate the image so that it looks just like the way you want. Check out the video tutorial below about how to use FotoSketcher:

FotoSketcher works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista and available as both installer package and portable package.

Download FotoSketcher

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  1. Within minutes I tested some pictures and found the results amazing. A multitude of options, finishes, textures. Excellent program to create creative photos with various effects, even to print them and a picture frame. Perfect!


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