Check HD Storage In Structural View, Find Large File & Locate Duplicate Files Via FilePro [Windows]

FilePro is an application to benchmark (diagnose) files stored if your hard disc, find out the largest files/folders, view analysis in a gra...

Check-HD-Storage-In-Structural-View,-Find-Large-File-&-Locate-Duplicate-Files-Via-FilePro-[Windows]-()FilePro is an application to benchmark (diagnose) files stored if your hard disc, find out the largest files/folders, view analysis in a graphical manner, find duplicate files on your computer in any folder or disk installed and more. Furthermore, you can also check out the entire directory structure and documents from a hard disk, which makes it easier to find files that consumes huge space on your HD and files that you can delete to recover some space if you are running low. This tool is pretty much similar of our previously featured Overdisk or SpaceSniffer. But comparing with those two, this tool runs much faster and shows more effective result in various perspectives & criteria. FilePro is an excellent Windows application to view all folders and files on your computer. Besides being simple to use, it is really lightweight. More to read.


The User Interface of FilePro is very friendly and it displays the directories and folders in many ways that allows each user to best fit the program. Not to mention, you can also change the way it displays result. After installation, it will ask you to select license type. If you want to use the free version, choose Home Edition from here.


Using FilePro is real simple and easy to understand. The program includes a toolbar customized for each feature which brings together all the main options you need. After starting the program, it will automatically analyze your C: drive and show result in architectural manner with location, name, size and other info. The view is called as TreeMap. You can change the view to TreeSize, Folder Statistics, File Statistics or even to short Overview from the toolbar.


As mentioned, are five modes for viewing search results. The first, TreeMap shows the folder hierarchy as a structural tree. This view is more didactic and easy to interpret. Those who prefer a bar graph can choose the second mode called TreeSize. It shows the size of each files/folders, how many files are there and many other information besides the names of directories. The Folder Statistics view is very similar to the TreeSize. The File Statistics displays each file in detail saying which folder is located, it’s size and modification date. Finally, the Overview display general information about the chosen directory. You can sort files/folders alphabetically or by path/size or others here.


There are some interesting tool available under the Tools menu. It allows you to Compare Snapshots, Compare Directories or even Locate Duplicate Files. The Locate Duplicate Files allows you to find duplicate files on disk. This tool has several features such as filtering by extension, name, size and content of documents. The search result is displayed in list form which makes it easier for you to analyze. To delete a duplicate file, simply select it in the list click the Delete selected button.

Show Full Features


  • Generate disk TreeMaps for local or network volumes
  • Search and locate files in TreeMaps by automatic zoom-in and positioning.
  • Save entire or partial volume snapshots
  • Compare snapshot against current disk state or past snapshots
  • Examine changes by difference in size or percentage difference
  • Copy/Move/Rename/Delete files or directories
  • Directory analysis
  • Tool: Compare files and/or directories
  • Tool: Find duplicate files

FilePro is indeed a great tool to completely analyze your storage, find out important information about files and folders, locate lost files or even target large and delete able files to free up disc space. FilePro is a freeware tool works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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