[Giveaway-EaseUS CleanGenius 3] Delete System Cache, Uninstall Apps & Find Duplicate/Junk Files To Get Free Space In Mac

Want a tool to perform a heavy cleaning through the system files on your Mac ? Some applications, such as our previously shared Mac System T...

Delete System Cache, Uninstall App Completely & Perform A Deep Search For Junk Files To Get Free Space In MacWant a tool to perform a heavy cleaning through the system files on your Mac? Some applications, such as our previously shared Mac System Tweaking software iBoostUp has this type of procedure, but they can be complicated to use or will not go deep enough to clean up all junks left in system. If you are looking for a heavy-weight cleaning tool for the Mac, EaseUS CleanGenius is an free alternative that should definitely be considered as one of the best. While iBoostUp lacks some categories of cleanliness, EaseUS CleanGenius is rather a simple and complete tool. It is simple to use and clean more deeply into the disk, such as deleting files from the trash folder and downloads, something that does iBoostUp. Another advantage is safety, since it asks for the administration password to make the cleaning operations, preventing someone else accidentally delete your data. More to read.

EaseUS CleanGenius is no longer a freeware tool. But we are giving away 5 license of this brilliant tool to Five Of Our Lucky Reader. Giveaway details can be found by the end of this post.


EaseUS CleanGenius offers a deep cleaning in very simple steps that anyone can accomplish. When you open it for the first time, you will see how much you have free space on your hard disk drive and the application displays an indication of how much space was recovered from the cleaning. This number, of course, will be zero in this first time. There are several tabs in the side menu, each corresponding to a file type that the application can clean. You can click these tabs to read a little about what kind of document is, to know if you even want to delete it permanently from your computer. Select the check box in each of these tabs to make them active throughout the search process and disposal of files. It works like this, everything is checked off by the application. Since the tabs that are not marked for reading do not enter the dance and are not deleted from your computer.


EaseUS CleanGenius clears the system cache (such as cookies, browser and other applications), the cache of the users, the system logs, logs of users, files that are in the trash folder and downloads. Be very careful with this last option! Many people leave many files in the download folder, so it is good to do a manual inspection before leaving the program delete everything. As a precaution, the boxes for the last two options are unchecked by default, so no one accidentally delete anything important.


Uninstall a program on the Mac is easy, just drag it to the trash or delete it from the Launcher, right? Okay, but that's not all. Many programs leave traces behind, such as hidden files, folders, document etc. To delete everything that is related to that application, you must use an uninstaller and EaseUS CleanGenius have this tool. It is very similar to AppCleaner, one of the most famous such programs. You select an application on your list and it shows and completely erases everything that has relation with this software.


And if you want even more, in the last tab you can see the free space on all disks and storage volumes that are connected to your computer. External hard drives and flash drives can be diagnosed with EaseUS CleanGenius instantly.

EaseUS CleanGenius is a brilliant freeware tool for Mac System Cleanup and application uninstallation. EaseUS CleanGenius is no longer a freeware tool. The latest version of CleanGenius will cost $29.99. Although the previous version has remain free, but it is highly recommended to upgrade to the newest version. It works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Download EaseUS CleanGenius

Giveaway: We are giving away 5 Activation Code to 5 of our lucky readers. To get a Free Activation Code of EaseUS CleanGenius 3.0, participate in this simple contest. The Giveaway will last 5 days (Till 1st April, 2012). To participate on the contest, complete one of the following process:

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Update 1: The giveaway is over. Winners will be contacted soon.


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