Start Multiple Applications & Replace Keyboard Hotkeys With Mouse Gestures Using MouseWrangler For Windows

When you need to perform any commands and do not want to click on right mouse button to open context menu for advanced options, what do you ...

Launch-Applications-&-Replace-Lengthy-Hotkeys-With-Mouse-Gestures-Using-MouseWrangler-For-Windows-()When you need to perform any commands and do not want to click on right mouse button to open context menu for advanced options, what do you do? Looking for something similar to keyboard’s hotkey that can be able to perform commands by mouse movement? With the concept to allow you to control tasks via mouse gesture, MouseWrangler is an amazing tool indeed. With it, you can configure your mouse in order to make it enabled to run a series of commands with just a simple movement in Windows! With a single gesture, you can run all the programs you use often right after logging on to the system, for instance. Via MouseWrangler, you need not to waste time looking for and setting up hotkeys to perform any action. Just hold the right mouse button, move it according to a specific sequence and MouseWrangler will execute the command. More to read.

Configuring the gesture and setting parameters for the identification of mouse movements using MouseWrangler is not so complicated, has fewer steps. The application is extremely lightweight and functional and able to make life easier for those who know how to use it.

It is a fairly simple process. First of all, MouseWrangler offers both portable and installable package so you need not to install it if you don’t want to. Just extract it (if not extract the created commands will not be saved) and run it. So open the program and click Edit Gestures from the bar that appears on the right side of your monitor or from it’s system tray icon.


In the opened window, click on New Gesture and choose your desired motion for the command using arrow keys and click Next to choose the type of action related to the movement: Single Keystroke, Multiple Keystroke or Run File or Program. The first action executes only one command, the second and third option opens multiple file or program at once. On the next screen, press the keys to be simulated and click Finish to close the window. Finally, to save the change, close the list of gestures.


By clicking on Configure... from the main program window or system tray icon, you will see several options to change the speed or the distance required before mouse movement to be recognized. You can also use diagonal movements of the mouse. To do so, select the Diagonals and check the Enable Diagonal Movements option.

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  • Detects normal Up, Down, Left, and Right directions
  • Optionally detects diagonal movements
  • Single and multiple keystroke emulation
  • Program and file execution
  • Optional Suggestion popup, Help popup, Scratchpad, and Auto-correction
  • Highly configurable

MouseWrangler is a brilliant freeware tool to control Windows system via mouse gesture. It is available as both portable and installable package and works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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