Line Runner: One Of The Most Famous iPhone Game Is Now Available For Android Too [Games]

When you get bored of your robotic life – work, work and work – sometimes then refreshment works like tonic. In this digital age, one of the...

Line-Runner-One-Of-The-Most-Famous-iPhone-Game-Is-Now-Available-For-Android-Too-[Games]When you get bored of your robotic life – work, work and work – sometimes then refreshment works like tonic. In this digital age, one of the most popular way to get relaxed is to play games with your phone. So today I am sharing a really addictive and brilliant game works on Android and iOS called Line Runner. The only goal of this simple game is to get as far as possible without killing the character. The game takes place in a side view of the platform, wherein a dummy stick runs continuously. You must control the movements of the doll so it does not involve into any collusion with any obstacle. Line Runner is a very fast and challenging game. One thing for sure, no matter how good you are with games, the application will let you down at some point. What makes this intense challenge is the inconstancy of appearance of the platforms. There are rare moments when the scenario follows a pattern, so that the player has no way to stay in the game. Line Runner is one of the most famous game for iPhone and recently it successfully released it’s Android version too. More to read.


During our test, we found that Line Runner could be a good choice for innocent fun and relaxation – precise controls, a great level of difficulty and a well-polished interface made the successful formula of the application. The controls are simple and also responses are fast, which is essential in this type of game. As the speed of the character is constant, all you can do is using taps on the display to make it stay low or jump over obstacles.

Line-Runner-One-Of-The-Most-Famous-iPhone-Game-Is-Now-Available-For-Android-Too-[Games]-(2)  Line-Runner-One-Of-The-Most-Famous-iPhone-Game-Is-Now-Available-For-Android-Too-[Games]-(3)

To jump, simply tap on the right side of the screen and to scroll under the square, tap on the left side. There are no buttons on Line Runner, you count only the sensitivity of the screen and the imaginary division of the display. The game is very fast so you have to keep your attention fully focused on the handset screen because any distraction can be fatal. The game ends once you die, then you need to start all the way from the first.

Line Runner is a great free fun game works on Android 2.1 or later and available for free on Android Market.

Download Line Runner

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