Scan Hard Disk And Show File/Folder Space Usage Info In Circular Graph Using DiskScanner For Mac

Have you ever tried to free up massive amount of data from your Mac ? It will be really hard to find out the perfect target to clean to free...

Scan Hard Disk And Show FileFolder Space Usage Info In Circular Graph Using DiskScanner For MacHave you ever tried to free up massive amount of data from your Mac? It will be really hard to find out the perfect target to clean to free your Hard Disc. Do you know which folders are taking up more storage space on your computer? After some time of use, it is common for all user that the HD looking like too small and need to clean it up, but where to start? If you are a Windows user then you can check HD diagnose and biggest file finder tool called Overdisk. If you are a Mac user then today we are bringing a nice one for you called DiskScanner. DiskScanner is an extremely useful application if want to free up your HD a huge bit. It works simply, but has a very important role in time to get organized to delete computer files. It’s main advantage is the easy interface with which it is possible to read and interpret the space used. DiskScanner shows the distribution of space which is really a good way to find the target file which is using significantly large space. The only problem is the lack of more settings. You can map drives or even entire folders, but you can not configure the application to filters by file types, for example. More to read.

DiskScanner is an application that shows the owner of the computer which folders and files are taking up more disk space and makes cleaning much easier for you and efficient as it can be more precise. This application is especially useful for those who do not usually leave their files organized within the computer. This is because when you do not know exactly where each document is is easier to lose track of what folders are taking up space.


To check the space usage details, choose a volume from the list and then click the Scan. Choose the Scan as administrator and wait for the application do its job, which can take quite some time depending on the storage capacity of the disk and the amount of files that stored within it. Once the scan is finished DiskScanner will show a chart that shows the exact space info of your files on disk. Click anywhere on the chart and then move the mouse to see the divisions in the right column, the directory and the files that correspond to that part of the figure.


If you keep your computer always tidy, the rooms of your chart are shown in a more orderly. The more empty folders and subfolders in HD, the chart becomes more cluttered. Use DiskScanner to know which place storing heavier files (or a greater amount of file) and know exactly where to start cleaning up your hard drive.

DiskScanner is a free Mac Hard Disc Utility too works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is available for free in Mac App Store.

Download DiskScanner From Mac App Store

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