Translate Text Or Speech Among 75 Language & Find Word Definition With Babylon2Go Translation For Android

Babylon2Go Translation is an easy to use translator program for smartphones running with Android OS. In addition, the software includes sup...


Babylon2Go Translation is an easy to use translator program for smartphones running with Android OS. In addition, the software includes support for 75 different languages, ranging from standard options such as Portuguese, French and even languages ​​spoken in parts of the world unknown. Babylon2Go Translation is an interesting tool for those who depend on the translation of terms and language consistently. But the greatest advantage of the application is it fetches data from various online translators and this process simply dispense with the use of an internet connection, since the functions performed are exactly the same.


Using the application is a fairly easy task as it present all it’s options on a menus in a manner similar to that of a conventional translation site. At the bottom of the screen, simply select the Text Translation and start typing the text you want to be translated - it can either be a simple words and complex sentences. Then simply select the source language and the destination language where you want to translate the text you entered. You will get the translated version in no time.


The Dictionary option is also powerful where you just need to enter the word you want to research with and then Babylon2Go Translation will search for the definition and other info of that word and show it to you. Those data is collected from various source over Internet.


One fact that must be taken into account is that the program does not work with contexts defined by translating words independently. Thus, its similarity to conventional translation sites is very large, the main advantage to be installed on the phone and dispense with the use of any internet connection. Another limitation is the lack of support for the translation through audio, which would give more flexibility to the program. That is, in case of very long texts will need to manually enter all the content you want to translate, something that can represent a major commitment of time.

Anyway, Babylon2Go Translation is a handy translator client for Android runs on Android 1.6 or later.

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