Bring Traditional Start Menu Button Or Start Orb In Windows 8 Consumer Preview With Start8

If you have tried out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently then the thing you are surly missing there most it the traditional Start Menu...

Bring-Traditional-Start-Menu-Button-Or-Start-Orb-In-Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-With-Start8-2If you have tried out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview recently then the thing you are surly missing there most it the traditional Start Menu of Windows which has been Microsoft's trademark since a long time. Windows 8 Consumer Preview doesn’t have that start menu, not even the Start Orb Icon. The next version of Windows, Start button and Start menu itself is abolished and now the Metro UI is responsible for serving as a bridge between you and all that is in your PC, installed applications for you as well as system folders. Who misses the Start button and the Start Menu too, should have a look over Start8. Start8 is a customization application developed exclusively for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It creates a Start Menu Icon on the left side of task bar as seen on previous Windows version which you let you access to all that exists on the PC.

Start8 is the perfect solution for those who are frustrated to not see the Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 8. The most interesting thing of this application is it brings advanced features and also simple new system, being suitable for both basic users as well as for advanced experienced users. It easy to use and functional. After downloading the installer, you must have administrator status on your Windows account to be able to install it. Once done, it will automatically add a new Start Button on Windows 8 taskbar.


It organizes the content into Apps, Settings and Files. You will find all installed and available programs from Apps, the Settings let you access to Windows settings and finally the Files will show file from your machine. There is also a shortcut to the app store from Microsoft and also a quick search menu. You can also use on-demand auto search by typing anything here.


  • Adds a “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
  • Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
  • Adds Run... option via right-click menu
  • Adds Shutdown... option via right-click menu
  • Choose a custom Start button image

If you are eagerly wanting the Start Button and Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then Start8 can be one of the best solution. It is a freeware tool and we tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download Start8

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