Browse Interesting New & Articles Based On Subject Or Create New Group With Preferred Sites Via Mixtab News Reader [Mac]

Want to find interesting content to read, find the best articles based on interest? Mixtab is one of the best custom feed manager applicatio...

Browse-Interesting-New-&-Articles-Based-On-Subject-Or-Create-New-Group-With-Preferred-Sites-Via-Mixtab-News-Reader-[Mac]-5Want to find interesting content to read, find the best articles based on interest? Mixtab is one of the best custom feed manager application for Mac. With it, you can browse through Music, photography, sports, technology and much, much more. You can search a topic of interest and then just subscribe to receive posts directly in your inbox. Mixtab is one of the best news aggregators, which will appeal mainly to those who are always looking for new sources of knowledge. The categories are broad enough for all types of readers and you can create new groups of sites = if what you want is not yet on the application network. The interface of Mixtab is amazing, easy to understand and quite elegant. Themes allow the person who is using the application to put it even more personalized, but the number of advanced settings is quite few. One problem is that the Mixtab can not subscribe to a feed separately if it is not part of a specific subject. To circumvent this, you can create a group to receive updates from your favorite sites. It would be interesting, however, there is the feature of importing feeds from Google Reader as a category Mixtab, centralizing all your readings in one place. Unlike feed readers like Google Reader itself, Mixtab creates groups based on subject not on site. More to read.

For example, if you want to know more about design but do not know blogs and websites that talk about it – then just search a group on Mixtab that has to do with it and then subscribe to receive content from multiple sites simultaneously. For this particular example there are dozens of groups, then you can view the general content of the first to know if it's exactly what you're looking for. The UI of Mixtab is much more interesting and beautiful than the standard feed readers which tend to separate the signatures in a sidebar, following the example of Google Reader. You can browse through your interests, into a subject and view items from various sites which can be read there in the window Mixtab. If you prefer, however, you can configure the program to open a tab in your browser's what you want to read.


The Tab Gallery contains all the groups and subjects available on Mixtab. You can see the contents specially chosen by the software developer to Feature, you can view the groups signed on Popular or you can finally take a look at all the feeds, which are organized alphabetically in All.


You can create a group of feeds, as it is possible to follow one that someone else created. At this site, you can search for a specific name or by topic, to try to find something related to the topic you want. All categories that you sign are shown in individual small windows on the Home.


There are many configuration options available and you can access them from Settings. You can choose a new theme for your Mixtab. There are eight different themes, some with texture and with two photos, so it leaves the reader much more beautiful and personalized. In Preferences, you can change some aspects of the use of the reader, like the ability to view the articles in the browser interface and not the program itself. Although this is possible is not recommended because of the great advantages of Mixtab is precisely the speed with which you can see their signatures.

Mixtab is a great free feed reader tool for Mac. It works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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