Recover Deleted Images From Pen Drive Or Memory Card Effectively Using Digicam Photo Recovery Beta

Digicam Photo Recovery is a very useful tool to recover deleted photos/images from pen-drive. This tools is highly effective for that moment...

Recover-Deleted-Images-From-Pen-Drive-Or-Memory-Card-Effectively-Using-Digicam-Photo-Recovery-Beta-5Digicam Photo Recovery is a very useful tool to recover deleted photos/images from pen-drive. This tools is highly effective for that moment when you discover that you (or someone else) have accidentally deleted personally important photos from your USB Stick. With this free and tiny tool (<500 KB), you can recover deleted images and save them in any directory on your computer effectively. The application works only with portable memory such as flash drives and memory cards. Nevertheless, Digicam Photo Recovery can be a good choice for those who have just lost signature of their precious memory of like. Apart from being simple and easy to use, Digicam Photo Recovery is a fast tool to recover images. We have recovered 10 images from a 1GB USB Stick in less then two minutes. Although this will vary depending on the size of removable media. The application is very light and consumes really low system resource so does not interfere with other running processes and can be easily used by any person. More to read.


Unlike our previously featured data recovery tool called Recuva, FileWing or Undelete360, it doesn’t work on HD and cannot recover all types of file. Instead it only recovers Images from Flash Drive. The program has a very simple and friendly interface, which consists of only one screen and meets all the necessary tools so that the user can retrieve your photos. When running the application, you must wait a while until the disk scanning is finished which takes 30 seconds to a minute. A list of all devices detected will then be displayed in Drive to recover. To initiate the recovery of accidentally deleted photos, simply select the desired drive and click Recover. Then just choose the folder to which images should be stored and retrieved wait until the application to end the process.


Now wait for several moments and then you will get recovered images in the saved directory.

Remember that Digicam Photo Recovery may not work 100% of the time. If any data has been written in the same memory space that was used by the image, it is difficult to recover the picture. Still it is worth of try. From our test, we used a brand new 1 GB pen drive and then we loaded 15 images there. We then flashed and formatted it several times. Then we used Digicam Photo Recovery to see how it works and we are surprised at the result. Even after full formatting for a several times, the tool was able to recover 10 images which is pretty impressive.


Digicam Photo Recovery is currently on beta pharse and yet it shows impressive result. We expect that the developer will add a few new technology that will be able to recover most out of a Flash drive. Digicam Photo Recovery works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP while we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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