Add Official Bing Search Widget On Your Desktop And Change Wallpaper Automatically Via Bing Desktop [Windows]

Bing Desktop is one hybrid tool comes from Microsoft itself to provide more productivity while using your Windows   system . This is a tool ...

Add-Official-Bing-Search-Widget-On-Your-Desktop-And-Change-Wallpaper-Automatically-Via-Bing-Desktop-[Windows]-5Bing Desktop is one hybrid tool comes from Microsoft itself to provide more productivity while using your Windows system. This is a tool that brings a different image to your computer screen everyday from Bing daily homepage image and as well as let to search all over the internet with Bing search engine right from your desktop. And so, whenever the operating system starts, a new image will be automatically added as your Wallpaper.  Bing Desktop is a good tool for those who like to change the background image of the desktop frequently. In addition of saving disk space, the program has a very simple installation process allowing anyone to add to the list of Windows applications. Using the application is also real easy. The options offered by Bing Desktop can be accessed easily, and search bar added to the desktop is really useful when seeking a term on the Internet. Installing the Desktop Bing did not change anything in the computer use. The performance of the operating system also remains unchanged. This shows that the program is reliable and stable. More to read.

Once installed, Bing Desktop adds a Bing search widget on your desktop. This makes the search process much faster because you do not have to worry about opening your browser, accessing the search engine and wait until the results are shown. Just type what you want and let the tool do the rest.


The program interface also has two important buttons: one to access the main settings of the tool and the other to get more information about the image being displayed on the screen of your computer. Thus, besides a beautiful picture on the computer screen, you also get to know exactly what is being displayed and who is responsible for capturing the scene.


When Bing Desktop is first run, a small options window appears, allowing you to customize application behavior before they even begin their use. Other settings can also be edited via the main program interface.


Bing Desktop is indeed a good tool who wants productivity and speed at the same time in their desktop. It changes your Wallpaper with stunning and fabulous images frequently without affecting system performance and lets you search on the internet from your Desktop. Bing Desktop works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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