Age Of Empire HD: A Free War-Strategy Based Online Game [iOS Game]

Age Of Empire HD is a war strategy turn-based game for iOS. In it, you are the lord and in control of a city and must expand your empire to...

Age-Of-Empire-HD-A-Free-War-Strategy-Based-Online-Game-[iOS-Game]-6Age Of Empire HD is a war strategy turn-based game for iOS. In it, you are the lord and in control of a city and must expand your empire to the world. Do this by managing resources, updating the local structures and conquering territory with your army. There are no limits for global domination. At the beginning of the game, you receive a brief tutorial on the missions. They are important for you to get your kingdom and expand it, acquiring resources and well understanding the mechanics of the main game - they are collecting resources and recruiting the army. After putting the house in order, you can go out to conquer the natural resources around its capital. You can also attack the citadels rivals in the region, plundering materials to further enhance your power and fame. So do not waste time! Organize your kingdom, recruit your army and go fight!


Age Of Empire HD is a strategy game that has a very high level of reputation in Facebook Games as well as in PC Games. Actions such as researching technologies, building units, upgrading buildings and assaults on neutral territory taking considerable time to make this game happen on a daily pastime. As Age Of Empire HD is an online game, similar to games like FarmVille and Travian, it is necessary that your iPhone is connected to the internet for you to enjoy, which somewhat limits the times when you can play with your kingdom. Speaking about Graphics, the game has good images and scenarios well done. Despite having repetitive structures, they represent and their function. The animations are very weak and lifeless. The interface is generally well presented with clearly marked buttons and functions clear. In some rare cases, the game shows some errors of translation, with texts in other languages ​​displayed on the screen.


The game has no sound effects, which makes the battles, buildings and activities generally very dull and empty. Updates made in the constructions are not reflected visually, impoverishing the look of the citadel, and the armies of a thousand or 50 thousand soldiers are always being represented by a single figure. Like a good game on the Internet, other players are on parade. The interaction usually involves several kingdoms invasions, but you can enter the known Unions (which work as guilds), so that all those present to cooperate with allies - defending territories and using the technologies of the group to benefit everyone.


There is a system in the game of Gold Coins, which are acquired transactions involving real money by offering great benefits to those who wish to invest in its virtual realm. Despite using a technology research and collection of resources such as wood, food, stone and iron - used in Age Of Empires (the famous franchise strategy computer games) - Age Of Empire, in the singular, is nothing more than a mere pastime, and there are much better alternatives to Facebook.



  • Delicate images: 3D technology applied in game, more vivid images,which bring you back to the European Middle Age.
  • Intense Combat: Grab your swords and arrows! Veritable cold steel combat never experienced.
  • Puissant Empire: Upgrade constructions, improve the defense, Training your soldiers,be in command of a million strong army, strive for the ultimate throne!
  • Challenge: Contest for resources and territories, conquer all enemies!

Age Of Empire HD is a great War-Strategy based free Online game for iOS. It works on iPad with iOS 4.0 or later.

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