Babylonian Twins Platformer: Amazing Free Adventure & Mystic Game Of 500 B.C. [Android & iPhone Game]

Babylonian Twins Platformer is a great history-based game for Android and iPhone . The game features antique history of royal fighting fro...

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (3)Babylonian Twins Platformer is a great history-based game for Android and iPhone. The game features antique history of royal fighting from Babylon of 500 B.C. where two prince fought to retain what was their. The first emphasis is on account of its appearance, that impresses immediately upon opening the app. The images are in high definition, with excellent viewing even for devices with smaller screen. The characters and environments are well designed, rich in detail. In addition, each phase has a different map, with paths to go. On-screen buttons do not disturb the visual, but some balloons guidance may confuse you. Moreover, these tutorials have small positive and negative points. They appear at some points of the scene, but at the same time it can be useful, are much simplified. In some parts of the game, you can not properly understand what needs to be done to advance. The soundtrack of Babylonian Twins Platformer is pretty cool, combining well with the style and time history of the app. You'll still enjoy the sound effects, which do not lose anything for a good, classic platform game.

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (1)

The gameplay is simple and fun game, with only two commands on the screen and keys.Moreover, the Babylonian Twins Platformer has many phases, in various scenarios, which ensures a good hobby for your Android. If you're a fan of mystic and adventure games, Babylonian Twins Platformer has everything to fall on your taste and make you enjoy a lot. But unfortunately, the app has low compatibility, so stay tuned to see whether or not it can be installed on your machine.

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (4)Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (10)

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (5)Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (8)

A witch cursed the whole city of Babylon, beating and imprisoning their king and the princes Nasir and Blasir - the ones who can fight him. Each of the brothers is in a different place, and many challenges need to join again. The goal of Babylonian Twins Platformer is to bring peace back to the place, ending wars and domination of neighboring peoples. And you are responsible for helping the little brothers. The action game shows all the buttons on the screen, with small help screens for each stage. You need to find objects, unlock doors and perform all tasks within the shortest possible time.Each character has a feature, so you'll need to switch between them to achieve complete each phase.

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (6)

Babylonian-Twins-Platformer-Amazing-Free-Adventure-&-Mystic-Game-Of-500-B.C.-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (7)

Check out the demo video below:

Babylonian Twins Platformer is a free ancient mystery and adventure game. Babylonian Twins Platformer works on Android 2.3 or later and iOS 3.1 or later and is available on both Google Play & iTunes App Store for free.

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