Create Animated Clips From Still Images In A Few Click With Cinemagram [iPhone App]

Cinemagram is a free iPhone application that allows you to create animated clips easily from images. Cinemagram has some great plus points ...

Create-Animated-Clips-From-Still-Images-In-A-Few-Click-With-Cinemagram-[iPhone-App]-9Cinemagram is a free iPhone application that allows you to create animated clips easily from images. Cinemagram has some great plus points over applications of similar kind. The ease-of-usage of this tool is so easy that even a noob will figure it out in a few minutes. The features and functions it provides to turns normal videos in stunning animation is the real wonder of this tool. And most importantly, this is a free tool for everyone. The ability to create static and dynamic videos at the same time leaving only a portion of the recording on the move lets you create several montages funny and intriguing clips. It all works so fast, stable and easy with Cinemagram. After everything else, Cinemagram still allows you to apply color filters on the image at the end of editing, which allows stop recording with a different appearance from the original to match more with the effect. The only bad feature found during testing is that Cinemagram does not function properly if you have really moved the device fast during recording. You select the area you want to continue that momentum, but nothing happens.

Create-Animated-Clips-From-Still-Images-In-A-Few-Click-With-Cinemagram-[iPhone-App]  Create-Animated-Clips-From-Still-Images-In-A-Few-Click-With-Cinemagram-[iPhone-App]-2

Create-Animated-Clips-From-Still-Images-In-A-Few-Click-With-Cinemagram-[iPhone-App]-3  Create-Animated-Clips-From-Still-Images-In-A-Few-Click-With-Cinemagram-[iPhone-App]-4

The application characteristics of the mixture with video picture, allowing only a portion of the recording will continue moving, while still others appears to be blank. This feature allows you to create a wide variety of effects and make fun with video games that were previously only recordings useless. For example, if you record a busy road, but want only one person walking on the sidewalk keep moving while the cars are stopped, simply select the area corresponding to the pedestrian to make it happen. After selecting which part of the video that will keep moving, you can set a color filter to be applied on the image, choosing one of nine options, such as sepia and black and white. Thus, in addition to full effect, the recording is different in appearance.


  1. Film a short video clip 2-3s.
  2. Animate a small region.
  3. Apply awesome xpro, vintage filters.
  4. Share to Twitter/Tumblr and Facebook.

Cinemagram is after all a good tool to have fun and make your friends amazed. Cinemagram works on iOS 5.0 or later that means you can run it on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S for free.

Download Cinemagram From iTunes Appstore

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