Death Rally FREE: A Great Addicting Free Racing Game For Android [Game]

If you are looking for a racing game that will leave you glued to your mobile device, Death Rally FREE is a brilliant game for you then. H...

Death-Rally-FREE-A-Great-Addicting-Free-Racing-Game-For-Android-[Game]If you are looking for a racing game that will leave you glued to your mobile device, Death Rally FREE is a brilliant game for you then. Here, you control racing cars full of adrenaline, speed and violence. There is a same titled game for PC which is already famous, now it comes to mobile devices with stunning graphics and breathtaking adventures even more intense. Although this game is available for Android and as well as iOS, the iOS version is available at $4.99. In Android, it comes at no cost and with the same steps and options of existing cars in the version made for the iPhone. However, you can buy your Android extension packages, leaving the game even more violent with new weapons and upgrades for the cars. The game controls are simple and can be made via on-screen buttons. The left button acts as a joystick, controlling the direction of the car, while the button on the right side of the screen is responsible for triggering arms. More to read.


Death Rally is FREE, no doubt, an essential game for those who like speed. It impresses both those who have tanned Death Rally in its original version, as those who have played the same game in iPhone. Gambling is addictive and intense: the plot is quite engaging, which makes the game does not become tiresome, even after several hours of running. The soundtrack of Death Rally is FREE striking and blends with the style of game. The sounds of cars and beats also make the app even better. The graphics are done in 3D, and even for experienced players, they are amazing and will impress even the most demanding players. Some details of the game come to be unbelievable, present only in major titles for consoles and PC, such as the shadows of clouds moving on the ground in some circuits. All this can be best viewed in tablets, where you can see the care of game developers in delivering a high quality.


The many options of tracks, cars and guns are one of the attractions of the title and, combined with the controls, make the game even better. The answers are quick and leave the great physical simulation even more evident. With so many positives it is striking that Death Rally is distributed FREE Play free on Google. And best of all, you can have fun without limits, even without pay nothing, leaving aside the additional packages. In all, it's great to see big titles coming to Android, further increasing the possibilities for those who enjoy intense gambles.


In Death Rally FREE player has a top view of the runways and the goal is to kill the gambling opponent, and especially to eliminate the villain, which is presented at the beginning of each match. In the end the opponents, you should keep your whole car. As an aid, you find several bonuses along the way: they are parts of cars, increased energy, ammo, money, and nitro, which significantly increases the speed of the car. The player starts the adventure in a simple car, but can make improvements over the games, buying cars even more powerful.


In each scenario the challenge is different and the structure of the site can change the very course of the race. In some environments are more closed curves or paths have hidden columns. That is, if you lose sight of their opponents, can mismatch among some mazes, getting further behind, until you find the exit. For easier viewing the visualization of the circuit, an icon representing a camera appears at the bottom.Playing on it, the scene changes of angle and you can choose which one best fits.


Check out the video below:

Death Rally FREE is an amazing free racing game for your Android device. It works on Android 2.2 and later and is available on Google Play.

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