Delete Invalid Registry Entries, Defragment Registry And Perform One-Click Optimization With Wise Registry Cleaner

It is just like a law of nature that after some time of use, your computer becomes slower and takes longer to perform any action. There are ...

Delete-Invalid-Registry-Entries,-Defragment-Registry-And-Perform-One-Click-Optimization-With-Wise-Registry-Cleaner-11It is just like a law of nature that after some time of use, your computer becomes slower and takes longer to perform any action. There are so many reasons behind it, one of them due to the computer registry is full of invalid entries. When the system starts a new program or runs a command, it seeks your information in the registry. The more unnecessary entries are on record, more time is spent in the initialization of any application or command.  Any user who wants to ensure the proper functioning of Computer should use a program for cleaning the registry. Wise Registry Cleaner is an excellent and completely free tool to scan for invalid registry entries and fix them to improve your computer's overall performance. In addition of clean invalid entries, the program allows you to defragment the registry and to reduce registry size to make your computer faster and more efficient. It’s interface is modern and has well designed and organized buttons to make it easy to use and interactive. The program is also a true example of security. Even if you accidentally delete a registry entry, it creates automatic backups of registry each time you do any change with the tool, so you can revert changes back. Wise Registry Cleaner also is very efficient, finding dozens of invalid entries quickly.

After a thorough cleaning, we noted a considerable increase in computer speed. Wise Registry Cleaner is brilliant tool comparing our previously shared Auslogics Registry Cleaner or TweakNow PowerPack 2012. Remember that this improvement depends on the amount of information in the System. To get started, download and install this free tool. At the end of installation, it will offer you to download another tool from the same developer called Wise Disk Cleaner. Since it is not necessary to use this tool, uncheck it and click Finish.


Once your start Wise Registry Cleaner for the first time, it will create a automatic backup of whole registry. If something does not work out as expected, you can revert the system to its original state by restoring this backup easily. In addition, it creates backup automatically each time you change something using this tool allowing you to undo changes anytime.


From the Registry Cleaner tab, click on Start Scan to start scanning for invalid entries in registry. Wise Registry Cleaner searches for conflicts between various classes of the record.


Once the scan has finished, it will show report of found invalid records. You can check those invalid entries to delete or you can simply let Wise Registry Cleaner clean everything at once. By default, Wise Registry Cleaner only checks for entries that should not effect any other settings. So cleaning everything is safe.


The second tab System Tuneup gives you a list of recommendation to change to optimize your computer. It automatically detects problems and optimization ways and let you optimize all in a single click. This is an additional feature of Wise Registry Cleaner apart from the Registry Cleanup tool. It tunes to improve network, speed up your Windows and Stabilize your System.


The last tab Registry Defrag allows you to optimize your registry by compacting it and releasing some memory. Click on Analyze and then Wise Registry Cleaner will analyze your registry, Note that your computer will be nonfunctional during this process and it takes 1-2 minutes to finish analyze. Then it will show results including how much memory will be released. Click on Defragment to defragment registry.


Besides of all these tools, Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to create a restore point, backup Registry, restore Windows from that created point and as well restoring Registry. Click on Backup from the top left bar and then the backup Window will open showing you two options: Create a system restore point and Create a full registry backup. Click any of those you want.


Click on Restore right next to Backup to restore registry or restore your system to that created restore point. Restore Center will open showing two individual list of Registry Backup and System Restore. Click any backup point and then click Restore to revert changes back to that point.

Wise Registry Cleaner is undoubtedly one of the best registry cleaner tool we have ever used. Unlike other professional and reliable tool of same category, Wise Registry Cleaner is completely free to use. Wise Registry Cleaner works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Wise Registry Cleaner

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