Fake-A-Call: Fool Everyone By Simulating Fake Calls With Contact Name & Programmable Schedule [Android & iPhone]

Fake-A-Call is a free app for Android and iPhone to get rid of that annoying friend whom you want want to talk to. Instead of being rude, ...

sshot-14Fake-A-Call is a free app for Android and iPhone to get rid of that annoying friend whom you want want to talk to. Instead of being rude, just enjoy a little time and program the application to make a fake call within a few minutes. Soon your phone will ring and surprisingly someone important will be requesting their presence as far as possible the inconvenience friend. Fake-A-Call is a free app mostly for fun, because although many people can cheat, it is not really necessary in everyday life. The settings offered by the application help to create the impression of a true calling, however, is difficult to program the phone to ring at a time accurate. Maybe a button for a few seconds would be more efficient than this feature. The interface is not impressive, but as the user does not need to be using the application for a long time, this is hardly a problem. In our tests we noticed that the application is very light, an important factor for an app that must run in the background. Some problems were found while using the Fake-A-Call Free, as an example: the function to schedule time not worked. Anyway, this software is not essential, but a test can be fun.

With several options to trick the best, this app ensures you to record a false voice to simulate an actual call. The interface is very simple and hides some options that are not commonly used. Some advertisements are displayed on the home screen of the app, however, they do not disturb the operation of the program.


The Fake-A-Call Free enables you to customize your call in several ways. First you must enter a name for your contact to dial and it will dull moment in the conversation. Then you can add a subtitle to the contact, indicating that he is the head of the company or a relative important. To give more reality to call, you can choose a ringtone from the ringtones of the device. By accessing the More Settings, you can change the call screen and choose the vibrate function must be activated.


The most important settings is the extra programmable voice feature that lets you play during a voice call. Despite being close to those who did not hear who is talking on the other hand, you may well deceive his friend if he is questioning the call. The app comes with some voices by default, but all are in English. So you can choose Custom and record any voice. Returning to the main screen of the Fake-A-Call Free you can choose the time of the call and the phone will ring when you feel better, or you can use the "Call Now" (Call Now) for the bell to ring without you having to modify any detail on the screen.

Fake-A-Call Free is no doubt a great funny tool to fool everyone around you by automatically getting a Fake call in your phone. This tool can make real fun with friends pretending that your are talking to someone about some real important things. Fake-A-Call Free works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 4.0 or later and is available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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