Ice Age Village: Help Manny & Others To Build Their Village While Scrat Gone Nutty Again [Android & iPhone Game]

Even if you are not a movie fan, you must’ve heard about Ice Age Animation Series. This is one of the most widely watched and loved movie se...

Ice-Age-Village-Help-Manny-&-Others-To-Build-Their-Village-While-Scrat-Gone-Nutty-Again-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]--8Even if you are not a movie fan, you must’ve heard about Ice Age Animation Series. This is one of the most widely watched and loved movie series with a huge number of hardcore fan around the world. Ice Age Village is an indispensable game for anyone who is a fan of the Ice Age movie series with iPhone or Android device. The game is incredibly beautiful and a lot of attention for high-definition images rich in detail. Here you will find all the characters from the movies (both the main and the secondary). The game music is very lively and they appear from time to time, taking the monotony of the game, although the Ice Age Village rely on animal sounds all the time, making the game more real. Another plus point is that you can choose almost everything in the game, from the name of their prehistoric village. The variety of possibilities, such as animal species and actions to be taken is also able to please even the most experienced players. The only problem is that the game after the download and installation, you will still need to download additional packages over and wait for uploads, even if you just download the game.This makes the player can not waste time and start playing right away. With all this and be totally free, the Ice Age Village leaves nothing to be desired when compared to other games in the same style. With so many positive points, it should be highlighted and can be considered as one of the best games available for free in Google Play and iTunes App Store.


Before you start playing, you need to wait until the game to download an additional package of 20.85 MB. Then the Ice Age Village still does a search for updates in the app, and so all the downloads and installations are completed, you can begin to play. In Ice Age Village you control everything by touching the screen and, as in other management games, you have the task of making the place evolve, creating families of all kinds of animals, giving companions to them, creating and removing the pups Snow place. Everything is explained in an interactive tutorial at the beginning of playing, when you will know all the tools of the game.




Check out the demo video below:

Ice Age Village is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone. This is a full free family games that can be run on Android 2.0.1 or later and iOS 4.0 or later. Ice Age Village is available for free on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Download Ice Age Village For Android

Download Ice Age Village For iPhone

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