SHIFT 2 Unleashed: Be Fast & Smooth On The Steering Wheel In One Of The Most Awesome Racing Games [Paid–iOS Game]

If you like speed and want to test how fast you can be on the slopes, SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iPhone may be the right match for you. With it,...

SHIFT-2-Unleashed-Be-Fast-&-Smooth-On-The-Steering-Wheel-In-One-Of-The-Most-Awesome-Racing-Games-[Paid–iOS-Game]-8If you like speed and want to test how fast you can be on the slopes, SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iPhone may be the right match for you. With it, you have total control of the car and can be guided by tracks filled with turns and intense challenges. The game here can be played in a haphazard manner or in career mode. Also, you can choose to play the races with friends or play alone. Compared to other racing games from the App Store, SHIFT 2 Unleashed deserves full featured in some points, but loses in others. The graphic quality is impressive and the response of controls is fairly accurate. However, the game is not high speeds as in other games such as the Asphalt 6 . This makes sense is to be driving at low speeds, which slightly disappoints those looking for a fast game. Still, it does not take the credit SHIFT 2 Unleashed, which has a fairly faithful simulation of reality. As is common in the series, the beats have different reactions to the windows and bodywork of the car as its intensity. Moreover, the variety of tracks, tournaments and races is impressive. The only thing that really fouls in the game is a larger amount of cars for fun. In addition, SHIFT 2 Unleashed yield much less in cash than the value of items. More to read.



The different game modes make the application a great choice both for those seeking casual games, and for those who want a more intense gaming, even for those who prefer a fun group and want to play races with friends. With so many positives, the SHIFT 2 Unleashed ends up becoming one of the best options among racing games for handheld devices, even with the small problems in the game. In career mode, you must go through all the challenges posed by the game, from phase to phase to complete all the championships. The tracks are unlocked as you develop the game and the more races you win, the more money you earn points. In addition to unlocking clues, you can buy upgrades for your car, increasing its power, starting, stability, among others.



Once you select a race, you can already see the start line and the lights that mark the beginning of the match. When the signal is green, it's time to accelerate. To control your car, you just need to turn the gadget, and when you need to stop touching the screen. If you prefer, you can also customize the controls, changing the accelerometer for screen taps or seeking manual controls and exchange acceleration. The better your run, the most points wins. But be careful not to hit other cars, like in real life, every beat is physical damage and, therefore, not be too careful.


Comes from EA Mobile, SHIFT 2 Unleashed is an amazing racing game for iOS devices. This is a paid game available at only $1.99 in iTunes App Store and works on iOS 3.0 and later.

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