Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge: Race With The New Volkswagen Scirocco Car [iPhone Game]

Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a free game which has been developed so that Volkswagen can promote their new car. It is a game that...

sshot-5Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a free game which has been developed so that Volkswagen can promote their new car. It is a game that can provide enough fun for those who like racing games that challenge the player. The graphics are beautiful and well made, well-designed scenarios and sound effects are excellent, as were recorded in a real test of the car. The soundtrack is very well suited to the game and fits perfectly in the races. The various options that can be set to the gameplay is a strong point of the game because you can choose to use the accelerometers or the screen to control the car. It is a pity that comes only one runway. Nevertheless, Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a great game. Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a simple 3D racing game for the iPhone, which is intended to show the new company car. In this game you race down a runway in Germany against other competitors and the sound of a rock by "Eat The Gun". More to read.


In the game's main menu you can start playing the game instantly or set some preferences for a better experience at the wheel. In "Steering Wheel" you choose whether to use the accelerometers (shaking the device to the sides) or touch the screen to control your car. You can also enable automatic acceleration, so choose a left-handed and define what the sensitivity of accelerometers. In Audio, you can choose the music and sound effects, and Rotate Display to reverses vision (good option for those who bother with the headphones while playing). In Color Selection, you can set one of four colors for your car: blue, black, green or white (the only customization is possible, since the car is unique).


To start, go back to the main menu and press Play. There are three different racing modes in the Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge: Training, 24H Race and Multiplayer.


Training : If this is the first time you're playing, it's a good idea to go through training to become familiar with the game. Still, the game throws out a challenge: to complete as quickly as possible the return of five miles. (In the game, to accelerate and brake pedals you should use that are on the right side of the screen). You can follow the top of the screen, the best lap time ever made in the game and you're running right now. In the upper left corner is the map of the track and in the upper right, the current speed of the car.

24H Race : This is the main challenge of the game. Unlike a normal race, the 24H Race is on you can get past all his rivals (ten cars) ahead of time to reach the mark of 24 hours - this in mind as you start the race in last position.

Multiplayer : If you have a friend with the same game and Wi-Fi so you can challenge him to a race and a set of four rounds (instead of just one, as normally occurs in the game).


  • Detailed 3D high speed track with gradients.
  • Multiplayer Mode: real time races with your friends.
  • Choose your car’s color.
  • Configurable tilt control or multitouch control.
  • Automatic or manual acceleration.
  • Online distributor search.
  • Cool rock song by newcomer band “Eat The Gun”

Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge is a good free multiplayer racing game for iPhone. It works on iOS 3.0 or later and is available for free on iTunes App Store.

Download Volkswagen Scirocco. R 24H Challenge

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