Gifture: Create Your Own Gif Animations With Images & Share Them In Facebook Or Twitter [iPhone]

Gifture is a nice and easy tool for iPhone where you can create animations, post them in the gallery of the application and share to learn ...

Gifture-Create-Your-Own-Gif-Animations-With-Images-&-Share-Them-In-Facebook-Or-Twitter-[iPhone] (1)Gifture is a nice and easy tool for iPhone where you can create animations, post them in the gallery of the application and share to learn what other people think of your work. The way to use Gifture is extremely simple. All you need to do is take the pictures and choose which of them will really make the animation. However, the application until it makes your life easier by providing a function that captures the images automatically. Just choose the number of frames that will be made and to perfect the pose. The interface of the well-planned Gifture also makes it easy to use, since the screens are well organized, with the functions clearly and logically. That way you do not get lost in the windows of the application and quickly discovers how to use it. The operation of the application is stable and did not show any error during testing. All operations were performed so that the command was given, showing that they can run accurately, the Gifture is a program that really care how quickly.

The color filters offered by Gifture are quite different from each other and really change the appearance of photographs. You can choose the amount of frames the gif will have, which allows one more ability to customize to your animation. The interesting Gifture that the use of the application is not simply to create the gifs, it goes beyond that. After you finish work, put the result in the page program and enjoy what other people will find it.

Gifture-Create-Your-Own-Gif-Animations-With-Images-&-Share-Them-In-Facebook-Or-Twitter-[iPhone] (3)  Gifture-Create-Your-Own-Gif-Animations-With-Images-&-Share-Them-In-Facebook-Or-Twitter-[iPhone] (4)

The application brings together tools from Facebook and Twitter, which leaves a very dynamic social network. You can follow any comments, know who enjoyed his animation, see who is following your profile and also become a follower of other people. However, despite being really fun and works correctly, this feature Gifture has an extremely negative: his gifs are published in the social network program automatically as soon as you finish editing. You can change the privacy option, so that only their followers can see the content posted by you, but that does not completely solve the issue.

Gifture-Create-Your-Own-Gif-Animations-With-Images-&-Share-Them-In-Facebook-Or-Twitter-[iPhone] (2)  Gifture-Create-Your-Own-Gif-Animations-With-Images-&-Share-Them-In-Facebook-Or-Twitter-[iPhone] (5)

Before you start using the tools provided by Gifture, you need to register the application, which can be done quickly through your account on Facebook or Twitter. At the time of taking pictures that will be part of the gif, you can choose between capturing images manually or automatically. This is because the Gifture offers a function that takes a sequence of photos without you having to get by pressing the camera button, allowing more freedom in the poses for the animation. The Gifture offers eight color filters so that you can apply the animation after it is ready. In addition, you can set the playback speed gif, choosing the number of frames per second to be shown.


  • Capture frames in real time or select photos from your camera roll.
  • Apply filters such as Black & White, Sepia, Pop, False Color, Monochrome, Vibrance, or Invert.
  • Select customized playback rates for each animated photo series.
  • Share instantly to your Gifture stream, Twitter and Facebook as a GIF.
  • Share a link to each photo in an iMessage, Text Message or E-Mail.
  • Socialize with friends and curate the Popular page by giving and receiving ‘Likes’ & ‘Comments’.
  • View each individual frame in a series with a slow swipe.
  • View photos in your stream up close with pinch-to-zoom.
  • Save to the camera roll.
  • Use Gifture on your iPhone 3GS, 4 & 4S or iPod Touch.
  • And many other amazing features.

Gifture is an amazing freeware tool to animate your world. You will be albe to create Gif animations from still images in a few easy steps and share them with your friends easily. It works on iOS 5.0 or later and is available for free on iTunes App Store.

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