Man In Black 3: Official Mobile Game Of MIB 3 To Have Incredible Adventure [Android & iPhone Game]

If you're a fan of Men In Black franchise, will fall in love with gaming in the Men In Black 3. The official movie game brings to the sc...

Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]If you're a fan of Men In Black franchise, will fall in love with gaming in the Men In Black 3. The official movie game brings to the screen of their Android all the adventures of an agent's MIB and you will go through a full training until you reach the stage of special agent. If it depends on the Men In Black 3, you will never feel bored: here, the game can hold you for hours and hours. The plot was well developed based on the narrative of the Men In Black franchise, making it exciting game. There are no negative points to be highlighted in the app, except for the package download additional 77MB, which can take a long time if your connection is slow. If you rely on a fast connection, it may be brief: in tests conducted by ABC Trick Lab, we need not to wait for more than 4 minutes to start the game. The look of the game is incredible, making the most demanding players lose your breath and it makes it worth every second waiting for a download add-on pack. The illustrations are full of details, shadows and textures that leave the Men In Black 3 with impeccable graphics.


The sound effects add to the immersion experience in gaming and are even better if you rely on headsets during the game. The game is dynamic and has missions that break the rhythm of play, like back in time that appears within the first minute of play. This leaves the Men In Black 3 fuller and makes the game does not become tiresome. The simplicity of the controls is also a highlight, especially the speed of response to any given command. With so many positives, the Men In Black 3 brings all the features of a paid game, but the big surprise is that you can have fun with it without spending anything with it.

Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-4  Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-5

First of all, the game requires an additional 77MB download. After that, you already get to know the team of the Men in Black. After choosing the physical type and sex of your agent, you just need to choose a letter and last name. The Men In Black 3 then leads you through an interactive tutorial that shows how the routine of the agents. Everything you need can be done in two ways: some commands are done directly on the items you want and others need to use the side menus. The center of the game is the headquarters of the MIB and you can expand the site with new items and environments that are needed to continue playing. The points used for this are gold coins that you earn by completing missions. Every battle with aliens you should use your best weapons and abilities, and when you need to ask for reinforcements. Never forget to neutralize witnesses! Thus, they will not remember anything of what they saw.

Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-2  Man-In-Black-3-Official-Mobile-Game-Of-MIB-3-To-Have-Incredible-Adventure-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-3

Man In Black 3 is the official Man In Black game for Android and iPhone. With incredible gameplay and addicting story, it will surly make you glued with your smartphone. Man In Black 3 is available for free on both Google Play and iTunes App Store and works on Android 2.2 and later or iOS 4.0 or later.

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