Puzzling Penguins 2: Do Penguins Slide Across The Floor To Collect The Stars [iPhone Game]

Puzzling Penguins 2 brings a style puzzle game that will make you wrap your head to reach the end of each match. The phases show a scenario ...

Puzzling-Penguins-2-Do-Penguins-Slide-Across-The-Floor-To-Collect-The-Stars-[iPhone-Game] (1)Puzzling Penguins 2 brings a style puzzle game that will make you wrap your head to reach the end of each match. The phases show a scenario with several ice cubes and frozen three stars scattered in various parts of the place. Along with the cubes and the trio of stars appear one to three penguins, depending on the level of the game where you are. You must make the penguins sliding across the floor frozen until they reach the stars. After collecting the three, push the animals into the hole that appears in some part of the scenario. However, pay attention. The recommended you play the penguin into the hole, therefore, into the water, just after he has collected all the stars. Otherwise, the score won by the player will be significantly lower. More to read.

The way to play the Puzzling Penguins 2 is extremely simple, since the player only needs to make the penguins glide through the scenario. To complete this positive feature, the response to commands sent by the player is excellent: just move your finger across the screen for the application to perform the corresponding action. The game's graphics are not the most elaborate possible, even because it is a hobby, and highly planned environments is not something that will make a difference. However, the scenery is very beautiful, well designed, colorful and pleasant in the right measure. The only feature that could be improved is the variation of backgrounds, to bring more news throughout the phases.

Puzzling-Penguins-2-Do-Penguins-Slide-Across-The-Floor-To-Collect-The-Stars-[iPhone-Game] (2)  Puzzling-Penguins-2-Do-Penguins-Slide-Across-The-Floor-To-Collect-The-Stars-[iPhone-Game] (3)

The Puzzling Penguins 2 is a fun hobby, but at the same time can be a challenging game. This is because the application allows you to set the difficulty level of the phases, offering four different options. The player who chooses whether to just play a little or do its utmost to finish the most difficult challenges. The background music of the Puzzling Penguins 2 is very nice, with a soft melody and quiet, but at the same time fun, combined with the cool climate of the game. The sound effects are also good, making the game more dynamic with the joyful sounds that represent each action done.

Puzzling-Penguins-2-Do-Penguins-Slide-Across-The-Floor-To-Collect-The-Stars-[iPhone-Game] (3)  Puzzling-Penguins-2-Do-Penguins-Slide-Across-The-Floor-To-Collect-The-Stars-[iPhone-Game] (4)

But what bothers a bit while using the Puzzling Penguins second is that he gets showing banner ads at the end of each phase. The intention is to induce the player to download other games, but the title loses points because of that.  The Puzzling Penguins 2 does not have a stopwatch to count the time you are taking in the match. Therefore, the player can use the amount of minutes you want, thinking about game strategy, because the score will not be harmed by it.

Although the player does not require time, the Puzzling Penguins 2 allows you to increase the difficulty of the games and can choose between easy, medium, hard and very difficult. That way you can test your limits as a controller of penguins and do its utmost to get their own hit records.

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