3D Converter: Convert Any Images From 2D To 3D Using Only Fingers [iPhone]

3D Converter is an application that will transform in a few seconds, any photo taken by you in a 3D image. All you need is to define the are...

3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(1)3D Converter is an application that will transform in a few seconds, any photo taken by you in a 3D image. All you need is to define the areas of the image that should gain depth by sliding your finger over the screen. 3D Converter is an application that can guarantee good results, even for users without any knowledge of image editing, because their tools are very simple to use. The system of "brush" greatly facilitates the selection of parts of the image, however, at times, by sliding your finger across the screen, the image ends up being dragged, which can be quite uncomfortable. The various configuration options are the highlight of the app, making it useful also for those who already have more experience with 3D Converter, giving the possibility to create new effects, depending on the type of image used. The system used by the application is 3D anaglyph, one that is divided into two colors, requiring glasses with one red lens and one blue to that effect is displayed. Thus it is easy to visualize its creation since this kind of glasses can be done with clear acetate sheets.

3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(2)  3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(3)

In 3D Convert any photo you choose can make three-dimensional effects and you need not be an expert on the subject to get the job done right. Despite bringing a settings menu, the application is ready to use your and your choices can change as you gain experience in creating new images. To start editing your photos, simply slide your finger across the screen: the area enclosed by blank shown, so you realize more easily the regions that have been chosen to gain depth.

3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(4) 3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(5) 3D-Converter-Convert-Any-Images-From-2D-To-3D-Using-Only-Fingers-[iPhone]-(6)

Once you take your finger off the screen, red and blue come to predominate in the selected area.If you do not like the result and want to start all over again, first tap the menu button right on the bottom of the screen. The icon looks like an eraser and undo any selection made earlier. So be happy with your work, choose the "Save". Do you still fear the option to save the image in grayscale, keep it next to the original as a "before and after" and even post to your Facebook account.


  • Taking image source from camera or photo library
  • 2D to 3D conversion using a finger
  • Ability to send stereoscopic image to Facebook
  • Color anaglyph creation
  • Wigglegram mode for a fun, simulate 3D effect

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