AndroVid Video Trimmer: A Easy-To-Use Video Editor With Trim, Split, Convert And More Feature [Android]

AndroVid Video Trimmer is a video editor for Android that lets you do simple video editing on your gadget. All commands are executed by tap...

AndroVid-Video-Trimmer-A-Easy-To-Use-Video-Editor-With-Trim,-Split,-Convert-And-More-Feature-[Android]-(1)AndroVid Video Trimmer is a video editor for Android that lets you do simple video editing on your gadget. All commands are executed by tapping the touch screen and gestures, making the process very intuitive. You can cut parts of videos, join two or more files, and convert frames to record the final result for the MP3 format. After finishing the modifications, the program also offers a fast and intuitive interface for you to share your work. With AndroVid Video Trimmer, you can do simple edits on your Android device with any compatible video. The options available allow you to cut sections, add two or more sequences and turn your work in a music file in MP3 format.

AndroVid-Video-Trimmer-A-Easy-To-Use-Video-Editor-With-Trim,-Split,-Convert-And-More-Feature-[Android]-(2)  AndroVid-Video-Trimmer-A-Easy-To-Use-Video-Editor-With-Trim,-Split,-Convert-And-More-Feature-[Android]-(3)

At first, the application's interface resembles that of a standard video player, and you see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. However, it is through the window that you perform almost any action available, selected the places where you want to extract or insert information. In turn, the top menu displays a clear and intuitive all available options. Moreover, whenever a change is made, you can choose whether to keep the original file or save the changes separately.


In the apparatus used in the test, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, some actions - such as joints and conversions - it took a long time to complete. This waiting time is justifiable, since programs tend to be heavy even gender in their PC versions. If you are looking for a simple editor that allows you to make cuts, joints and conversions, AndroVid Video Trimmer has many chances to please you. The application features an intuitive interface and array of options allows you to work with all the tools in a matter of minutes.

AndroVid Video Trimmer is a really useful tool to do basic edit your video files like spliting it into several parts, cut or trim from any point or convert it to MP3. You will also be able to capture video frame and set it as wallpaper using this tool. AndroVid Video Trimmer works in Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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