Aviary Photo Editor: Complete Image Editor With Auto-Enhance Support Handling Up To 12MP Images [Android & iPhone]

Aviary Photo Editor is an app that caught the attention of developers and lovers of photography. Available for Android and iPhone , it brin...

Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Aviary Photo Editor is an app that caught the attention of developers and lovers of photography. Available for Android and iPhone, it brings a lot of tools that can enhance and modify your pictures without reducing the resolution of the file. Aviary Photo Editor is a really complete application. It brings some aspects that could be better exploited, but even so, it is an app that deserves attention - mainly because they reduce the image resolution. Many applications of photo is a size limit for the image. Though it is useful when sharing the file via a 3G connection, the result on the computer screen (or even to print the photo) can be disappointing. Aviary Photo Editor can handle files up to 12 MP. Another compliment to the application goes to its interface. The look is very organized and easy to use. Each item comes with image editing an icon that helps you understand the function of the tool even if you do not master the English language. You can also change the display order of the tools available, leaving those that are most used by the first and making it even more accessible. More to read.

Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)  Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

The possibilities for the basic configuration of the image (contrast, brightness, saturation, etc..) Are all there. You can also play with the file, creating drawings and texts. The "Meme" is especially cool because you can place text at the top and bottom of the image, creating a file ready to share the internet. On the other hand, we must say that Aviary Photo Editor offers some significant limitations. The first is that the additional packages of stickers and filters need to download additional - and each package with more color effects, costs about $2.

Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4)  Aviary-Photo-Editor-Complete-Image-Editor-With-Auto-Enhance-Support-Handling-Up-To-12MP-Images-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5)

The effects that accompany free Aviary Photo Editor are few (only 12) and not so attractive as well. Furthermore, there is no possibility of removing the edge image (function common in applications style). Still, Aviary Photo Editor is an interesting application that will please those who enjoy full edit and manipulate images before sharing. The application is beautiful, efficient and runs smoothly on Android.

You can choose an image gallery of the Android media or capture a new photo. Altogether there are 16 possibilities for editing. You can change basic aspects such as contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness. In addition, you get a package of filters (in the style Instagram) and can draw, write, reduce red eye, crop, rotate and even use a selection tool to blur parts of the image.

In short note, Aviary Photo Editor is a complete image editing soliution for Android and iPhone and best of else is, it’s completely free. Aviary Photo Editor works on Android 2.2 or later and iOS 5.0 or later and is available for free on both Google Play & iTunes App Store.

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  2. I used several tools like instagram, but finally this is the one i need! thanks!


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