Fotor–CameraBag: Powerful Free Camera App With FX Effects, HDR Mode & Many More [iPhone]

Fotor - CameraBag adds new tools to the camera of your iPhone device, which can be accessed even before you capture the image. The applicat...

Fotor-CameraBag-Powerful-Free-Camera-App-With-FX-Effects,-HDR-Mode-&-Many-More-[iPhone]-(1)Fotor - CameraBag adds new tools to the camera of your iPhone device, which can be accessed even before you capture the image. The application lets you apply color filters to your photos, add frames, working with the main characteristics of the file, modifying the light exposure and saturation and so on. After all, there are various options. The interface of Fotor - CameraBag is well planned, showing a beautiful appearance, with a colorful and enjoyable sober and display functions clearly marked and arranged to facilitate the location of each. With all this, the use of the application could only be as simple as possible, since the organization is a concern taken seriously. Despite being super easy to use, sometimes Fotor - CameraBag presents some delays, especially when you import the photos and when to change the screen, like when you select a function and the interface will load the options it offers. In such cases, the operation becomes too slowly for a few seconds. The functions added to the camera device, shown at the time you are capturing the image, are not very varied and not have even half of the possibilities offered by Fotor - CameraBag whole.The right way to present the application shortcuts to the color filters, frames, camera aperture and other editing tools, not only HDR and zoom effect.

Fotor-CameraBag-Powerful-Free-Camera-App-With-FX-Effects,-HDR-Mode-&-Many-More-[iPhone]-(4)  Fotor-CameraBag-Powerful-Free-Camera-App-With-FX-Effects,-HDR-Mode-&-Many-More-[iPhone]-(5)

However, although you can not apply these changes before they take the picture, so the image is taken from the Fotor - CameraBag opens the tools available so you can edit it, even before it is stored. This takes a little negative characteristic pointed in the previous paragraph, but does not solve the issue entirely. With this, the tools offered by Fotor editions - CameraBag end up being more used in the images that are already stored on your device. More than eight choices of frames and color filters, mounts and possibility of customizing the look of them, an option to fiddle with the aperture used in the picture already taken and also to paint specific parts of the image. The operation of these resources occurs accurately and apply the changes are noticeable.However, some tools were difficult to use. One is the Color Splash allowing painting the image. It is not accurate, the more you try to select only a small part, the brush color a large area. It is very difficult to control the possibility of editing.

Fotor-CameraBag-Powerful-Free-Camera-App-With-FX-Effects,-HDR-Mode-&-Many-More-[iPhone]-(2)  Fotor-CameraBag-Powerful-Free-Camera-App-With-FX-Effects,-HDR-Mode-&-Many-More-[iPhone]-(3)

Another function that was also not very pleased that allows you to create montages from photos.This is because it limits the amount of images that can be used in each collage, allowing you to select only nine. Moreover, this tool brings only a mounting template ready, allowing you to change the layout of the photos automatically, but without leaving much of the same style of organization. There are also two other paste options: one lets you put the items in the order and position you want and the other sorts the photos one under the other, like a photographic film. Once you take the picture, the application displays the options available to immediate issues, even before the image disappears from the screen.

These possibilities are very interesting, but the Fotor - CameraBag goes far beyond just providing tools for the photographs will be taken or that have just been captured. The application also lets you import pictures that are stored in the gallery of the device and add them into albums within the interface of the program itself. With this you can use the editing tools Fotor - CameraBag to give an enhanced look at their old photographs.

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