iHandy Level Free: Level Alignment & Measure Angels For Better Decoration [iPhone]

iHandy Level Free is an iPhone application that serves as a virtual plumb. For those unaware, bobs are small instruments that help to smooth...

iHandy-Level-Free-Level-Alignment-&-Measure-Angels-For-Better-Decoration-[iPhone]-(1)iHandy Level Free is an iPhone application that serves as a virtual plumb. For those unaware, bobs are small instruments that help to smooth any surface. They are useful for various times: leveling the construction of wall works, assist in placement of frames etc. If you do not want to buy one of these instruments, do not worry. With the iPhone you can achieve a similar effect in a satisfactory way for ordinary users. Lightweight and totally free, Free Level can be very handy in various everyday situations. Applications that facilitate day-to-day are a major focus of development for the iPhone. The iHandy Level Free is a good example. The program is a kind of virtual and upright helps level any wall, table or mobile home with a high degree of accuracy. Moreover, it is lightweight and totally free to rotate. By making use of the accelerometer of the device, the application sees minimal degrees of rotation and indicates a leveling of the desired object. The only downside is the need to level the iPhone itself before using it as a prop, which in many cases does not make your measurements 100% faithful.

iHandy-Level-Free-Level-Alignment-&-Measure-Angels-For-Better-Decoration-[iPhone]-(5)  iHandy-Level-Free-Level-Alignment-&-Measure-Angels-For-Better-Decoration-[iPhone]-(3)

Some of the most fun of the iPhone is the accelerometer that contains the device. The sensors are constructed with two surfaces in contact. When subjected to pressure, release electrical charge to measure the force applied with precision. In the case of Level iHandy, accelerometers realize minimal degrees of rotation and indicate whether the table or frame on which the appliance stands are uneven. However, it is necessary to calibrate the device before it, which teach in the following paragraph.

The most curious fact is that this application before placing other objects in the prop is necessary to level the appliance itself. To do this you must use a table you can be sure that it is flat. Follow these steps to level the phone:

  1. Hold the iPhone standing (with the home button at the bottom) and click on the leveling (like a target).
  2. Turn the iPhone (also standing) with the home button back to the left and repeat the process.
  3. Place the device on the table with the screen facing up and click the button again leveling.

This way the phone is fully calibrated. Now you can use it in any application that needs smoothing, like putting pictures on walls. The program is completely free and has high accuracy in measurements.

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