Kibits Group Collaboration: Create Groups & Discuss/Share Any Document Securely [Android]

Kibits Group Collaboration is an application for Android that allows you to create several groups that work similarly to a discussion forum...

Kibits-Group-Collaboration-Create-Groups-&-DiscussShare-Any-Document-Securely-[Android]-(1)Kibits Group Collaboration is an application for Android that allows you to create several groups that work similarly to a discussion forum.Through them, you can establish conversations, disseminate information and share various types of media, including photos and videos stored on your device. Who likes the sharing features of social networks, but looking for a more private solution to share content, will surly amazed with Kibits Group Collaboration indispensable. Simply put, the application allows you to create different groups from the discussion with members of his family to work colleagues or friends. Among the highlights of the software is the ability to share virtually any kind of content. Are personal photos, videos, Internet links or texts themselves, there is room for sharing any kind of information - all in a very protected, since only those invited can see the contents of the discussion circles created.


What disappoints is the requirement for a user account of the service itself. Although a direct connection with the Facebook be possible, this decision makes the number of people you will find in Kibits becomes greatly reduced, since not everyone like to make records just to use a single application. To use all the functions of the software, you simply make a record completely free in the developer site. Access can also be done by calling the program a Facebook account, in which case you will have access to your entire contact list of social networking.


Kibits Group Collaboration works as follows: After creating a group, you can invite many people who want to join them. Note that only those who are invited will know of the existence of a certain circle of conversations, which allows the application to use for both professionals and exchange information to share content with your friends or your family. Each of the discussion forums can be used to post links to interesting sites, photos, videos and even music files present on the device used. As with social networks, each participant can leave comments about the content published, thus establishing several parallel lines of conversation.

Kibits Group Collaboration is a nice proximity based group application to collaborate with other people, discuss with any matter and share any documents among them privately. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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