Magic Piano: Learn To Play Real Piano Without Any Knowledge Using Your Finger [Android & iPhone]

Magic Piano is one of the best alternatives for those who want the feeling of playing the piano on Android and iPhone , without learning to...

Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Magic Piano is one of the best alternatives for those who want the feeling of playing the piano on Android and iPhone, without learning to read music, or even have the instrument at home. The Magic Piano brings a system very easy to use and you need not understand anything about music to perform the complete works as a professional. Magic Piano is the perfect app for those who know nothing about music and wants to have fun playing the piano. It is very easy to use and leaves no one to embarrass the execution of the songs, which is simple enough to be made. However, if you already play an instrument or have advanced knowledge of music, the tools can find the Magic Piano simple, but anyway, it works like a great game for those moments of boredom. Here the trick is to follow the marks given by the application, ie, there is nothing similar to reality.The audio quality is quite satisfactory, which gives positive points to the application. More to read.

Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)  Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

The look of the Magic Piano is striking: the application has well-defined images and menus simple understanding, and colors that combine well with the theme of the app. The gambling itself has a modern style for bringing the buttons just like glows green on a black background. However, most of the songs must be purchased, which can greatly discourage most players, especially if your intention is to have fun with Magic Piano casually. Still, this is an app worth the download, as developers release some music for free for a limited time.

Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4)  Magic-Piano-Learn-To-Play-Real-Piano-Without-Any-Knowledge-Using-Your-Finger-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5)

When you open the app, you have two options: the "Songbook", several songs are available and you just need to follow the advice of Piano Magic. In "Solo" is able to play freely, which can be very useful when you have more experience with the application. In this list of songs on Songbook items you can choose between free and paid. Once you find a song you like, simply select it and move on to the fun. Playing the piano is very easy, because here the keys are replaced by green signs and everything you need to do is to touch on the small circles that appear.

During execution, it is often necessary to use the system and playing on the multi-touch display with two, three or more fingers on the screen. If you miss the Magic Piano gives an alert, so you become more aware of the signs of the app. If you want in the future you can also listen to music played by other people. To do this, select "World" and, randomly, the system must show the performance of various songs anywhere in the world. However, the tool is not yet available for Android, even though it works perfectly with iOS gadgets.

Check out the video demo below:

Magic Piano is a brilliant free tool to learn play virtual piano using your smartphone. Magic Piano works on Android 2.2 or later and iOS 4.3 or later and is available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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