Meta Widget: Create Snippet Of Your Favorite Site And Follow It From Homescreen Widget [Android]

Meta Widget is a tool that allows you to cut sections of sites and turn them into widgets for your home screen. The elements are updated aut...

Meta-Widget-Create-Snippet-Of-Your-Favorite-Site-And-Follow-It-From-Homescreen-Widget-[Android]-(12)Meta Widget is a tool that allows you to cut sections of sites and turn them into widgets for your home screen. The elements are updated automatically, allowing you to check important information without having to open the browser. With Meta Widget, you can turn snippets of your favorite web pages into widgets that are automatically updated on the screen of their Android. The app appears to be especially useful for checking data that changes all the time, since you do not need to open the browser to check the site. The app's interface intuitive and easy to use. The first time you open the application, are displayed various dialog boxes that explain in detail the procedure to be followed, preventing you from getting lost. Choose the elements you want to capture is simple, however you can only select short links, it is impossible to mark passages that exhibit greater variety of information. This means that you will not get the news section of the ABC Trick and put it on your screen, since it is composed of several different links.

Meta-Widget-Create-Snippet-Of-Your-Favorite-Site-And-Follow-It-From-Homescreen-Widget-[Android]-(1)  Meta-Widget-Create-Snippet-Of-Your-Favorite-Site-And-Follow-It-From-Homescreen-Widget-[Android]-(2)

If you are trying to extract basic information from a page, as the dollar, for example, the program works perfectly. Widgets can be of various sizes and you can also customize the font, the color and the background. In the free version, you can not use any customization parameters and no set time for automatic updating widgets. Anyway, just tap on any element to update it manually.


Meta widget brings a fantastic concept that will make life easier for many people who need information quickly check all the time. The selection of elements on the sites is not perfect, since you can not group several smaller items. Despite these limitations, the app is still very versatile and useful. To create a widget, simply open the application and enter the website address you want. Then when the page is rendered, you enable the capture mode by pressing a button at the bottom left of the interface. Thereafter, simply tap the elements you want to capture.

Check out the video demo below:

Meta Widget is a useful tool to check your favorite site right from your Android Homescreen. It works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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