Microsoft Uses NFC To Create Wallet Hub Which Aims To Make Windows Phone As A Payment Method

If the NFC (Near Field Communication) drew everyone's attention during the conference from Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 (20th June), m...

Microsoft-Uses-NFC-To-Create-Wallet-Hub-Which-Aims-To-Make-Windows-Phone-As-A-Payment-Method-(9)If the NFC (Near Field Communication) drew everyone's attention during the conference from Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 (20th June), much of the surprise is on a specific resource presented: the Wallet. As the name suggests, this is a virtual wallet that you concentrate all your finances without having to carry cash, credit cards and debit cards or something. Your cell phone is the only currency you need to use. That means more than just centralizing this information, you can use your smartphone to pay bills, conduct financial transactions and even order a pizza. Thanks to NFC, just one specific equipment for which the payment methods we use today become a thing of the past. If you are already familiar with Google Wallet or similar other tools, this feature will change you vision about mobile currency completely.




For this, however, Microsoft will use a different SIM chip and that is being developed in partnership with the French company Orange. The need for this new component aims to broaden the exact safety during each transaction. Proof of this is that if you switch the unit will not be as simple rescue data from the chip - something designed exactly to prevent cloning and other cases of information theft.

In addition, the Wallet will also bring other e-commerce applications, allowing you to track all purchases in one place. As can be seen during the presentation, some of the main partners of Microsoft in this respect are the Delta Air Lines - which also allows the use of air miles - Tickets and Fandango.

But for lovers of promotions, the company promised that the menu of the virtual wallet will also bring an area intended only offers, showing which nearby stores offer special rates for owners of Windows Phone 8. As The Verge said, every Windows Phone will include the Wallet Hub, it’s yet to know if customers love this feature.

Image Source: The Verge

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