Mindomo: Create Mind Maps And Organize Your Projects In An Easy Way [Android & iPad]

Mindomo is an online application for creating mind maps and share them with a team that is participating in a joint project, for example fro...

Mindomo-Create-Mind-Maps-And-Organize-Your-Projects-In-An-Easy-Way-[Android-&-iPad]-(5)Mindomo is an online application for creating mind maps and share them with a team that is participating in a joint project, for example from Android or iPhone. This form of representation of ideas is very effective to show the general planning on a limited basis, assisting in the time to reach goals and accomplish tasks more effectively. Mindomo is a great tool for anyone who uses mental maps. A major advantage is that you have to use the program compatibility in both the Internet and on your mobile, including synchronization of projects. With this, you are not limited to a computer or device to access content created. Another interesting aspect is the amount of customization allowed, since you can add many different elements, in addition to completely customize the layout and the background of a model created. As the idea of ​​a mind map is to be primarily visual, it can greatly help in the absorption of the idea by all employees. The ability to share the project's mental map is also useful because it is essentially a tool for brainstorming and planning, in order to promote improvements in its processes and products.The program interface is friendly and also brings a lot of visual similarity with an image editor, allowing for easier use. More to read.


In truth, this is a mobile application service online with the same name. Even if you already use, you can keep the existing mental maps synchronized with your smartphone. A major advantage of the program is that it does not just you can only mount a central idea with branches. The program features a number of settings, including the option to add notes, attach multimedia files, define relationships between items on the map, insert icons, tasks, comments, links etc..Moreover, it allows to modify the background and even add themes to let your mind map even more illustrative. Likewise, you can share content created with other employees.


The application interface is also noteworthy because it is very well organized (with the central area for content and tools both at the top of the screen vertically and left). Thus, he brings a lot of resemblance to an image editor, making it easier to use (even though the program is in English). Even if you do not have an account on the Service, you can now start using it (and store the project on your device). Note that when you open Mindomo, there is a place for you to add the central idea of ​​the project (such as a mind map is usually mounted). From there, all you need is to add items as are in accordance with your project.


On the toolbar on the left, you find items to add notes, create links, insert images, add icons, specifying details of a task and set the map to the screen size. Already at the top of this screen, you have topics, layouts and other settings.

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