Nextcall: Tracks Your Activity Throughout Contacts & Schedule Call Reminders [Android]

Nextcall is done as an app for those who make many professional connections and has many friends and must remember to make contact with ever...

Nextcall-Tracks-Your-Activity-Throughout-Contacts-&-Schedule-Call-Reminders-[Android]-(1)Nextcall is done as an app for those who make many professional connections and has many friends and must remember to make contact with everyone from time to time. With it, you will receive reminders whenever you want, which makes it easier to maintain friendships or professional relationships. Nextcall is the perfect application for anyone who wants to maintain close relationships, whether professional or personal. It is very easy to use and ensures you do not ever forget the most important links. The same app is very handy for the busiest. The look of the app is very modern and clean, which makes the application more enjoyable to use. It has options to do all the work without complications and does not require complex configurations of those uses. Thus, the Nextcall becomes a good alternative even for those who do not have much skill with Android. More to read.


The only thing missing from Nextcall is a tool to display an average for calls made to each contact. That certainly would help even more time to know what the next person who should receive a call from him. Its use is simple: just open the app and select the category you want to see. Then, select the contacts you want to put in that category. Ready! Nextcall will show automatically when was the last link to that person and if you do not call before the end of his term, it sends alerts to your phone.



  • Identify important clients and friends you want to call regularly.
  • Alerts you when you haven't called a contact for a specified time.
  • Splits contacts into business and personal categories.
  • Creates an overall call schedule for personal and business contacts.
  • Creates custom call schedules, for more or less regular contact.
  • Setup only takes a few seconds.
  • 100% free of charge. No advertising.

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