Pudding Camera: One Of The Best Camera App With Various Camera & Effect [Android]

Most of the time while reviewing an application or service, we use the terms like Great, Amazing, Brilliant, One of the best etc. to describ...

Pudding-Camera-One-Of-The-Best-Camera-App-With-Various-Camera-&-Effect-[Android]-(1)Most of the time while reviewing an application or service, we use the terms like Great, Amazing, Brilliant, One of the best etc. to describe that. Well, we do think those app are worth of trying but “One of the best” is usually used to inspire the developer to keep improving this app. This is not the case of Pudding Camera, no offense it is one of the most amazing and best camera tool I have ever used. Yes, Pudding Camera is one of the best photography apps available for Android. This is especially good for those who have phones with excellent digital camera, as Samsung Galaxy S II. But even those who have a simpler device, you can have fun with this program. Its main feature is the possibility of combinations, with eight cameras and eight different films.Inspired by real cameras, you can select the combination before shooting, changing, including the image display options. At the end, sharing the buttons are accessible on the app interface.


It would be interesting to select a photo gallery to apply the effects, as it would be nice to have autofocus in cameras with fisheye lens and other effects. However, this does not take away the luster of Pudding Camera, you can create beautiful images with a good combination of camera, film and creativity. The application offers a choice of eight different cameras, lenses and eight different types of film, with effects that alter the image colors. You can play a variety of ways, creating moving images with various photos and pictures in one frame.


The possibility of combinations is large, and then have fun making pictures with your smartphone or tablet, you can share the results using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. In addition, you can also access the pudding.to, a kind of official Instagram Pudding Camera app.

Pudding Camera is truly a must have photography tool for Android. It turns your Android’s camera to some vintage camera with different effect. Pudding Camera works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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