Retro Camera: Take Old School Type Photo’s Using 5 Vintage Lens in Color/B&W Mode [Android]

Retro Camera is for those who like photography and want to make different images. It has five types of old cameras, reproducing the effects ...

Retro-Camera-Take-Old-School-Type-Photo-s-Using-5-Vintage-Lens-in-ColorB&W-Mode-[Android]-(5)Retro Camera is for those who like photography and want to make different images. It has five types of old cameras, reproducing the effects in a complete application in Android. At the very first impression, Retro Camera can please you because the UI and graphics are excellent quality. The home screen provides a quick tutorial on the application, which has few buttons and works in a simplified manner. Applications for photography usually display the entire screen to shoot, adding the effect later. In Retro Camera you have the full experience with the camera viewfinder selected on the screen. Retro Camera applies not only really cool effects in the images as an application itself is very beautiful. On the other hand, depending on what you want to shoot, the display may be too small to set a framework and focus. Moreover, the application does not display when the end result, being necessary to access the gallery later.


On the left you can see the option to enable / disable mode in black and white, and the right side there is a shutter button and the other with information. The first is used for the shot and, when pressed at length, can activate the camera's timer. The second button displays the image color information with each camera and a photo as an example. Below on the left, you can view a gallery of images recorded with the Retro Camera. The application displays the latest 10 images created - to see the rest you can access the gallery of the Android.


On the opposite side, you can switch between cameras. When clicked, the application displays a gallery of five options for older devices with information about each one. To select, click "Use this camera" (Use this camera). In device settings, among other options, you can turn on or off the sound of gunfire, enable the option to shoot in high resolution (may take a longer time to apply the effect) and select whether or not to use edges in images (in Polaroid so you can not disable this feature). After configuring the application and select your camera, just use the frame displayed on the screen for shooting and check the result in the gallery of Retro Camera.

Retro Camera is a stunning free photograhy tool for Android feature 5 vintage camera at color and black & white mode. It works on Android 2.0 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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