ViPad: An Stunning Free App Launcher For Windows To Launch Application, Folder & Bookmarks [Windows]

ViPad is an application launcher with the look of Aero scheme as in Windows 7 and Vista. With it, you can gather all the program shortcuts,...

ViPad-An-Stunning-Free-App-Launcher-For-Windows-To-Launch-Application,-Folder-&-Bookmarks-[Windows]-()ViPad is an application launcher with the look of Aero scheme as in Windows 7 and Vista. With it, you can gather all the program shortcuts, folders, and even links to your favorite sites in one window customizable and works with a system of tabs - something like what happens in browsers. We can ensure that the ViPad is one of the most stylish and practical launch today. The program has an uncomplicated and functionality, although it is in English, a very intuitive configuration. With few clicks, you have a window transparent and organized on your desktop. The system of flaps is largely responsible for it. The possibility of separating the shortcut icons segment allows you to streamline your routine in front of the PC and also eliminates the mess we have just accumulated over time by adding shortcuts on the desktop. The visual effect promoted by ViPad helps build a modern and attractive for Windows. Moreover, during our analysis, we recognize no drop in performance of the computer or reproduction of other programs due to running this software. Thus, machines with more limited hardware can run it without major problems. Undoubtedly, it is worth to test it on your PC - you may be surprised at the features offered by ViPad. Thus, you can create multiple screens with different icons to better organize their shortcuts, formerly polluted your desktop, and let fall the look of your PC more stylish.


The great use of ViPad is to organize the shortcuts of the software, directories and web pages that you access, which are usually around the desktop - leaving you with a messy appearance. Once installed, this application opens a transparent window in the middle of the screen. You'll notice that it has an inscription "New Tab" and "+" icon. As you might have guessed, this is the system of tabs of the program. Clicking the right mouse button on the first element mentioned, you see a submenu that lets you add, rename, reset (delete all shortcuts) or delete a tab. To add a shortcut, you can simply drag the program icon or folder you want. These shortcuts can be moved or copied between existing tabs by clicking with the right mouse button over the thumb regarding the required application.


Moreover, it is possible to change the image that makes up the executable icon and used as target of the shortcut. The ViPad setup menu is accessed via two sequential clicks anywhere on your window. In it, you can change the icon size, activate the boot with Windows, hide desktop, show the window controls (minimize, maximize and close) and set the window to the desktop software. This program also has a mechanism in the notification area that provides access to configuration options and closing the feature functionality.


A tip for the ViPad become a practical tool in their day to day and still leave the computer more beautiful is use it maximized. The best way to do this is to let only the selected configuration options "Stick to Desktop" and "Hide Desktop". That done, everything on the desktop is hidden (nothing is deleted, do not worry) and the application window is fixed on the desktop. Then click on the screen of ViPad and drag to the top of the monitor - action that will maximize. You can control the size of icons to adjust the space in the window created with this procedure.

Check out the video tutorial below:

ViPad is no offense a great and brilliant looking application launcher tool for Windows. It enables an easy and quick application launcher tool with custom tabbed menu and more. It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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