Wondershare PowerCam: Snap Creative Photos With Effects, Color Filters, Tilt-Shift Effect & More [Android & iPhone]

Wondershare PowerCam is an application to shoot creatively amazing photos using your Android or iPhone ’s camera. The program provides tool...

Wondershare-PowerCam-Snap-Creative-Photos-With-Effects,-Color-Filters,-Tilt-Shift-Effect-&-More-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)Wondershare PowerCam is an application to shoot creatively amazing photos using your Android or iPhone’s camera. The program provides tools for editing and color filters for you to create very interesting images. Wondershare PowerCam is another app for lovers of photography, but that can divide opinions.First come the legal aspects of the program. It offers a wide range of possibilities. It’s color filters are very beautiful, with excellent image quality and color variation. Also, you can save your pictures in high definition without losing all the camera phone offers. Moreover, creating panoramic photos tool is easy to use, with good results. On the other hand, Wondershare PowerCam provides a pretty common interface easily matched Camera Zoom FX for Android. The editing tools are scattered and do not follow a logical sequence. The color filters, which are the highlight of the photos can not be applied after the photo and there is a preview of how the image will be.


That is, if you shoot with one of the options effect and not like the result, there is no change and you've lost time. The tilt-shift effect is also a big disappointment, because the result is very artificial. Finally, the edges offered by the application are of low quality and it is impossible to see a list of all of them. To choose, you need to go through all the options - which may be a long and tedious.


Furthermore, it is possible to generate panoramic photos, with tilt-shift effect and even a switch that facilitates the self-portrait - using the front camera device. There are a variety of effects with very nice results. The control of the flash can be done through the very PowerCam reserving a section in the application settings for you to work with this tool. You can leave the lights flash on, on all the time, in automatic mode or switched off.

The app also offers two types of grids with a set of straight lines that serve as reference to create beautiful frames. After all the work done, you can choose frames to finish your photos.

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