GO Keyboard: Alternate Keyboard App With Custom Themes, Swype Support & More [Android]

Who uses smartphones usually have trouble typing on small screen devices. The standard keyboard system has greatly improved from version 2.1...

GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(3)Who uses smartphones usually have trouble typing on small screen devices. The standard keyboard system has greatly improved from version 2.1 of Android, but some users still suffer from small buttons and the lack of advanced features like Swype (which lets you enter words just by sliding your finger across the screen) or SwiftKey 3 (Paid – but the most accurate) and themes for personalization. But now, with the GO Keyboard, you can forget that reality. GO Keyboard is a great replacement for the standard keyboard Android. The word prediction system works very well, although sometimes it recognizes words in Portuguese from Portugal and change what you are writing. It's rare but it happens. The button language change makes it much easier to type, because the system uses prediction for foreign words in the same way in English. This can also prevent spelling errors in many cases.


The themes are beautiful and give a completely different look for the keyboard. The quick access button to copy and paste helps a lot who works with text on the mobile device, and Swype is necessary (because of a large dictionary). If you want a good alternative to the standard keyboard Android, GO Keyboard is a great option. The GO Keyboard is a multilingual  keyboard for Android that gives the user dozens of configuration options. There is a button Rapid language near the space bar it much easier for those who usually writes in English terms.

GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(2)  GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(4)

After installation, you must configure the Android Keyboard to use the GO as standard. To do this simply open the downloaded software and perform operations on the screen. They have shortcuts to system settings that streamline the process and after completion of the procedure, simply choose the appropriate theme and language that should be used in the dictionary. For those accustomed to using keyboards with optional Swype (slide your finger across the screen to enter) GO Keyboard comes with this option turned on. Just install it and start typing faster than just playing the keys.

GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(5) GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(7) GO-Keyboard-Alternate-Keyboard-App-With-Custom-Themes,-Swype-Support-&-More-[Android]-(8)

There are also buttons to facilitate tasks such as copying and pasting text and plugins such as text or emoticons ready. The GO Keyboard also has many themes to customize the keys. The initial theme uses a wooden background quite different from the standard Android. There are dark themes and similar to the standard keyboard of the iPhone, for example. Surely there is a theme that will please you.

Finally, GO Keyboard can be a good alternative to the stock keyboard of Android. With some really cool theme (additional theme supported) and advanced settings for personalization, this tool is a great of it’s own kind. Also, being free, you will be able to use it anytime. GO Keyboard works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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