LINE Birzzle: Classic Puzzle Games Now Comes With Colored Birds To Match [Android Game]

LINE Birzzle is a game of wits that follows the dedicated and addictive style of Birzzle. In the game interface, instead of stones or jewels...

LINE-Birzzle-Classic-Puzzle-Games-Now-Comes-With-Colored-Birds-To-Match-[Android-Game]-(2)LINE Birzzle is a game of wits that follows the dedicated and addictive style of Birzzle. In the game interface, instead of stones or jewels, birds must be combined to score points. You must earn at least three animals alike so that they are eliminated from the screen. LINE Birzzle uses a similar mechanic to the many games that require quick thinking the combination of colorful elements. However, here you have complete freedom to move the animals to any position of the scene, leaving the gambling much faster. The app brings very colorful and cheerful images that resemble the style of a cartoon, and all the animals have fun animations and explosive effects when "explode." In the same line "cartoon" graphics, the sound of the title stands for a characteristic noise that the birds emit when they leave the scene. The music also is not back, cradling the matches with soft, soothing melodies that blend harmoniously with gooey effects.


During the games, new pets fall on top of the scene every so often, increasing the amount of elements on the screen. You need to be careful not to overfill the world, since you can not move any item that is below another. Despite this limitation, the gameplay is quite fast, and you always find some element to move and combine. The possibility of joining several birds and make impressive bonus also adds a call for more strategic work, since you have to plan the move carefully.

LINE-Birzzle-Classic-Puzzle-Games-Now-Comes-With-Colored-Birds-To-Match-[Android-Game]-(3)  LINE-Birzzle-Classic-Puzzle-Games-Now-Comes-With-Colored-Birds-To-Match-[Android-Game]-(4)

The individual objectives of each phase are also a great challenge, since you need to worry about them while trying to keep the situation under control in the scenario. Although only available one game mode, LINE Birzzle brings memorable moments of excitement and fun. In its free version, the title offers the only game mode "Classic" (Classical). In it, you need to move the birds at the top to match the colors. If you're quick, you can create combinations with more than three birds and add even more points.


LINE Brizzle is an addictive and colorful version of the classic puzzle game. It works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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