Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen: Custom Launcher Tool With Diagonal Launcher For Calls, Apps & More [Android]

Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen is an application that can help you save time in the time to send messages, make phone calls or run tools in ...

Speed-Launcher-Lite-LockScreen-Custom-Launcher-Tool-With-Diagonal-Launcher-For-Calls,-Apps-&-More-[Android]-(7)Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen is an application that can help you save time in the time to send messages, make phone calls or run tools in your smartphone. A very useful application for those who do not like to waste time on time to make calls or access apps on the gadget. What draws the most attention in Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen - and makes him stand out among so many applications available on Google Play - is the variety of icons and customization capabilities of the system. Here, you can make calls, send messages, enabling and disabling tools, and open applications.Another possibility is to give current time and date, and stay on the remaining percentage battery in the device before you even unlock it. In addition, the Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen has LockScreen themes, allowing you to choose one that best fits your style. Who is more demanding, the Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen also brings quite different patterns of vibration and let the feeling move the buttons even more real. More to read.


The only problem with Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen is that when you unlock the screen without any specific action, you are redirected to the page of the original release of Android. Thus it is necessary to unlock the screen twice. That is, if, on the one hand, the Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen saves time on the other hand it causes you lose even longer than necessary. Here, you get the lock screen shortcuts on the device, and with them, you now have quick access to essential tools in everyday life.

Speed-Launcher-Lite-LockScreen-Custom-Launcher-Tool-With-Diagonal-Launcher-For-Calls,-Apps-&-More-[Android]-(1)  Speed-Launcher-Lite-LockScreen-Custom-Launcher-Tool-With-Diagonal-Launcher-For-Calls,-Apps-&-More-[Android]-(2)

First of all, you must read and accept the terms of the application. Then, the Lite Speed ​​Launcher already passes LockScreen appear to trigger the release button. The app has a center circle that allows access to various functions, such as connections and applications, and even allows you to change the gadget functions, enabling the vibrating alert, the Wi-Fi and GPS. However, the advanced tools are available only with the purchase of additional packages.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you have the current level of battery from the device and on the opposite side, you find a watch with date and weekday. At the base of the display is a message encouraging the sharing of application tools to win the Speed ​​Launcher Lite LockScreen.

Check out the video demo below:

Speed Launcher Lite LockScreen is a nice lockscreen replacement tool with circular launcher widgets to make calls, launch apps and more. It is a free custom lockscreen for Android available on Google Play.

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