Stoffi Music Player: Alternative Music Player With Simple & Elegant UI And Windows Explorer Style Browser [Windows]

Stoffi Music Player is an alternative program for playing music on your computer. All lovers of music know the importance of a good audio pl...

Stoffi-Music-Player-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Simple-&-Elegant-UI-And-Windows-Explorer-Style-Browser-[Windows]-()Stoffi Music Player is an alternative program for playing music on your computer. All lovers of music know the importance of a good audio player on your computer. So if you like to try new alternatives that fit more appropriately with your personal style and taste, will like to know this application. Stoffi Music Player is an alternative music player featuring Windows Explorer style browser with clean aero interface. It is clean and organized and, somehow, could be considered as somewhat minimalist. The fact that the commands are in the form of button (or at least the most used) makes it easy to use, which makes it simple to use even for beginners. The interface may seem like adopted from or inspired by Windows Media Player, including as regards the organization of functions on the screen. The playback quality and sound is good, but remember that this is also influenced by the music file you are playing. The program works properly without errors, problems or crash, although it seems to conserve a bit more memory then the native music player – yet brilliant. It also has a built-in equalizer to let you optimize your settings. But after all the features, what draws the most attentions is the powerful Windows Explorer style browser and full aero interface. More to read.


The program interface is minimal, especially compared with most other alternative applications in this category. It has three divisions central to manage its functions, consisting of the playlist to the right, directory tree in the left of the interface and menu options just above along with the commands of the player.

An important thing to do while using Stoffi Music Player is to add music folder to easily browser your favorite music's for playback. To do this, click the Add and choose Files to add by files or Folder to add an entire folder. Then Stoffi Music Player will scan that directory and list all music files found there.

The program commands can be accessed in the upper section of the program. They are all in the form of a button, and incorporate the basic functions of any audio player: Play (or pause when the music is running), Next Track and Previous Track, as well as repeat and shuffle (random order).


From Equalizer, you will be able to adjust audio frequency to enhance playback with custom effect.

Stoffi Music Player is a nice alternative music player with brilliant UI and easy-to-use features. It is a free tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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