Wondershare PowerGIF: Create & Share GIF Animations Quickly Using Your Camera [Android]

Wondershare PowerGIF is a great way to create GIFs with your phone using photographs or video sequences. Wondershare PowerGIF with it’s feat...

Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(1)Wondershare PowerGIF is a great way to create GIFs with your phone using photographs or video sequences. Wondershare PowerGIF with it’s features and usage, can be a real good GIF creator tool - it is very easy to create GIFs using this tool. Just take photos or record video and the program does the rest, making this perfect app for those who do not want no trouble. One of his best points is that it allow you to use several small video sequences in a single gif without editing, just save them in order. Another positive point is the feature of using videos and photos ready, and you can turn them into GIF quickly without much work.  The only bad part of Wondershare PowerGIF is the difficulty to save the file without sharing in any social network. There is no option to save the memory card, for example, you must use an external service such as Google Drive, which sends the animation to a server and you can access later. When he sends the GIF to Twitter, the service used transforms it into static image, losing the whole purpose of the application.

Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(2)  Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(3)

This weakness can really bother you, since the quick sharing is supposed to work perfectly and share an animated GIF file, not a static file. But it's worth using the application anyway, since, when passed to the computer by Google Drive, Dropbox or other services, the GIF can be used anywhere. In just moments you can use your camera to capture a few seconds of video or take a few pictures and the program does the rest alone! It merges the files into an animation that you can share on social networks or even go to your computer.

Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(4) Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(5) Wondershare-PowerGIF-Create-&-Share-GIF-Animations-Quickly-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(6)

It is very easy to use Wondershare PowerGIF, no need to build anything or you need to understand video editing or animation. All you need to do is write or photograph, and presto! After capture, choose a color frame or leave without border, if you prefer. To share you can use social networks like Twitter, or you can export to your computer using a service similar to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Wondershare PowerGIF is a brilliant GIF creator tool for Android. It works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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