Feed Reader: 10 Best Free And Amazing Feed/News Reader Tool For Android

Knowing what is happening around the world is quite easy these days thanks to the internet . As the time grows, more and more websites are...


Knowing what is happening around the world is quite easy these days thanks to the internet. As the time grows, more and more websites are coming with each a good point to follow. So now it’s getting a bit harder to track them all every time and that’s when feeds come handy. Feed are more likely a “Digest” of a blog or website which can be read by a feed reader or get directly into mail box. Now you can see your news on the phone or tablet inside the bus while going to work or even while waiting for a query. In order to make your life more simple, there are lots of brilliant feed reader available out there to let you choose one for yourself. We have today selected 10 best feed reader tool for Android so that you can get what’s best for you. So, check out this full list of applications for Android that makes feed reading more intuitive and attractive.


Google Currents

Google Currents is an application that displays all your favorite news and information in the form of an electronic magazine, or you really flips through the pages to read. This gives it a touch of practicality and comfort during your reading. A very interesting feature is being able to take advantage of its full content offline, requiring only perform a sync prior.

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When linking the application to your Google account, your library is always the same, ensuring that their sources are always with you no matter what the device used. A variety of news sources for selection is diverse, but you can also import your Google Reader or just enter the URL of your favorite feeds.


The reading mode offered by Flipboard is comfortable and enjoyable because you only need to pass your fingers up or down to see more details or pages. The contents of the main area are divided by subjects such as science, technology or music, and displayed in the form of tiles, which facilitates the viewing and selection. If you want, you can also add widgets to the homes of your Android.

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With their Facebook or Twitter accounts connected, you can share everything you want, ensuring that its social side is always present. Another positive aspect of this application is the ability to read offline, requiring only have an account with Instapaper, or Pocket Readability to do so.

Pulse News

Pulse News stands out among the questions on practicality and visualization. With it, you can separate your subjects for all the news and guides are divided into horizontal timelines. To update a source, simply drag your column to the right. Each word is shown as a comic, requiring only play to start reading.


The reading is comfortable with this application and follows the style of scrolling, and you can even change the font type and size or activate Night mode, which makes reading in dark environments. Once synchronized, your content can be read offline, which is very handy to save data usage or battery.

Google Reader

Google Reader has a very minimalist look, like its desktop version. With it, you can link their news sources to your Google account so they do not get caught just one unit, which is very helpful.However, he offers personalized reading, giving you only a brief description and links to news on the web, which also prevents you from doing offline readings in the application itself.

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Nevertheless, it supports more than one account and you can always select any of them to view your feeds. The application also offers signature of interests such as sports, politics or culture, and allows you to find your own news sources by entering URLs

News Republic

News Republic meets all your news and divided into topics on your homepage. When choosing any one, all the latest news are displayed, requiring only select to start reading in the application itself. He uses and abuses of animations on screen transitions that result in a visually appealing to very dynamic.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(5)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(50)

You can edit the topic as you like and reposition them for better viewing. This is done by scrolling vertically and you can choose the font size, however, there are no options to read at night.Despite showing advertisements at the bottom of the screen, you can leverage your content in a comfortable and stories with simple switch between movements left or right.


Feedly offers a look that goes straight to the point and lets you add accounts to manage all your news. It also features the "Essentials", which lists topics such as economics, technology, business etc.. for you to expand your reading even more. Whenever you want, you can add new items to your profile and build a kind of library.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(7)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(70)

This application also has an intelligent system that detects your preferences and suggests articles and stories based on your tastes. Reading the news is comfortable to the eyes and you can use the "Reformat", which adjusts the content to the screen of your device. If you want to read offline, simply enter your data in Instapaper or Read it Later.

Taptu - Your DJ News

Taptu - Your DJ News also follows the style of display of news in the timeline. You can choose several different issues and organize them in different lines, which creates a dynamic display and attractive. You can insert your accounts from Facebook, Google or Twitter to receive new content or simply explore all the channels that the application offers.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(8)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(80)

The reading of the contents is done by scrolling vertically and has a comfortable shape, however, there is no option to read at night or changing the source of words. Once synchronized, your news can be read offline without having to use external accounts or other application. This lets you enjoy everything you want without worrying about the connection.


Zite, you navigate between topics and news with simple movements of your fingers. The layout of the pages in a magazine style, however, you must scroll the contents vertically, like a site. Reading is comfortable and you can choose the font size for better viewing of contents. With all this, Zite has a more simple and straightforward.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(6)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(60)

Unfortunately, not all news can be read in the application itself, as some may require the use of your browser. Another function that is needed is to read offline, since you need to be connected to see what's new. Despite this, he uses an artificial intelligence engine that remembers your preferences, facilitating access to content more interesting.


With SkyGrid, all your news and issues are grouped and displayed in the form of interactive mosaic. The application is divided roughly into two areas: a selection of topics and news and other content for display. If any item needs to be opened in the browser, the program does this in your own environment.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(9)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(90)

You can follow the interests offered by the application or one can simply look on your taste and begin to follow him. The options for reading are few, because SkyGrid follows the same style of Google Reader, so, most of the news only gives a brief description of the news and the link to view the content in full.

Minimal Reader

If you like widgets, Minimal Reader is the ideal application for you to follow your news. With it, you can import your subscriptions from Google Reader or add your own feeds. After loading your fonts, you can assign various widgets so that they display different content and different themes to choose from. Moreover, simply tap the desired item to view it in full.

Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(10)  Feed-Reader-10-Best-Free-And-Amazing-FeedNews-Reader-Tool-For-Android-(11)

The reading environment is very comfortable to the eyes, because you can change the font size and style, turn on night mode and change the color of the background. To read it later, just have an account with Instapaper and synchronize the items you want for offline reading.

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