HWiNFO32: Probably The Most Complete Tool To View Hardware Component Info And Benchmarking [Windows]

You have seen the inconvenience of having to manually search of or open your computer to find settings of a component? HWiNFO32 is a program...

HWiNFO32-Probably-The-Most-Complete-Tool-To-View-Hardware-Component-Info-And-Benchmarking-[Windows]-(0)You have seen the inconvenience of having to manually search of or open your computer to find settings of a component? HWiNFO32 is a program designed to provide hardware information and diagnostics supporting the latest components, industry technologies and standards easily right on your computer screen. This application recognizes and extracts the greatest amount of information about your computer hardware. HWiNFO32 is designed for those who want or need to know the exact settings of the machine they using, along with information about performance. The program has a reasonable amount of information and with a good amount of detail. The results are easy to understand, with data separated into clearly defined categories. Furthermore, due to the excellent organization of its interface, functions as a button and categorized information, it is very easy to use. Finally, as a portable tool, you don’t need to install anything to use this tool – just download and open to run. More to read.


When you open the program, it offers two options: Run and Configure. The settings screen provides the ability to enable or disable options for security, user interface and, in case of problems, run the program in debug mode (debug mode).


If you choose Run option, the program automatically performs an analysis of your computer and builds a detailed profile of installed components, grouped according to the type of each. This includes information about the processor, such as manufacturer, model, name, number of cores, cache, platform, TDP (Thermal Design Power, an indicator of heat dissipation effected by the processor that determines the minimum amount of heat that the cooler should be able to dissipate), serial number, and bus clock.


The HWiNFO32 also shows the drives installed in the computer interface and model. Regarding the Graphics Card, it displays data model, brand name, bus, dedicated memory and clock frequency.Below you can see information about motherboard, such as chipset, memory type, BIOS version and date. The program also has a part for the memory modules with information on type, size and frequency and, finally, the operating system that is installed on the machine. If the window is closed with these data, it can be opened from the interface of the program at any time using the "Summary".

The program interface has a device manager (somewhat similar to traditional tool available on Windows), with detailed data about each component installed, divided into categories for easier viewing.Clicking on each one, the data is displayed in the right part of the program window.


Moreover, it has a benchmark test (performance) that covers the processor, memory and hard drive. To perform it, simply click the "Benchmark" and "Start." The process starts automatically and the results are displayed at the end.


Also in the program interface, the button "Sensors" provides information on temperature and voltage of certain components. And finally, clicking on "Reports" can generate reports with the information submitted by the program.You can choose between the formats of text, comma-separated file, XML, HTML, MHTML, and short text.

HWiNFO32 is the best tool to check out detailed hardware information we have came over so far. This tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download HWiNFO32

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